F.A.Q.Frequently Asked Questions

Our reed diffusers are a high-quality product, containing 90% fragrance oil, no added water and no artificial colours, unlike other diffuser companies. This gives both superior scent and also longevity. The large number of fragrances available allows the user to develop a signature scent for their household, and do so safely, without the need to have a lit flame, unlike candles, oil burners or incense.

Our diffusers contain 90% fragrance oil and 10% alcohol. The alcohol essentially lifts the fragrance to ensure a heightened sense of smell and fills your home with sensual aromas all day long. We believe this is the ideal blend to deliver the best scent performance and longevity.

Absolutely. We want you to be able to have a variety of sensory experiences, no matter where you are! This means that you can create evocative, customisable moods for every room, every day. You can also determine the strength of the scent by reducing or increasing the number of reeds or the frequency at which you turn then.

Our aromatic diffusers are free from artificial colours. The reason for colour change is because naturally, the essential oils in the fragrances will darken over a period of time. The colour change will be further enhanced by exposure to the elements such as sunlight and heat. This is only natural and will not change the fragrance, however it might decrease the longevity of the product.

Because we are all unique and have different tastes and styles, we have created a diverse range of fragrances which suit a variety of needs. Generally there are 5 different categories of scent; Floral, citrus, marine, green, oriental and chypre. The fragrance name and description on the back of the packaging will give you an idea of what types of aromas the diffuser will give off, so try and look for key words which take your fancy. If you like fresh, zesty and citrusy scents then lemongrass or pink grapefruit would be a good option, alternatively if you like sweeter fragrances it would be best to look out for florals such as tutti fruiti or wisteria jasmine.

It is up entirely up to you, depending on how strong a scent you would like. The more saturated the reed sticks and the more frequent you turn them, the more scent they will give off. For optimum fragrance, it is best to use all the reeds provided, this will ensure the greatest amount of impact for your desired fragrance for everyone to share.

Because of our superior formulation which contains no water, it means that the rates of evaporation are far less than other diffusers. For 200ml bottles we say up to 6 months and for 120ml bottles we estimate around 3 months however they have been known to last longer. In saying this there are various factors which can decrease the longevity of your diffuser. The frequency at which you turn the reeds is one of these and determines how much fragrance oil is used. Environmental factors are also a large contributor to increased evaporation and can be caused by hot, dry or air conditioned climates. The longevity of fragrances varies depending on their natural base, for example vanilla-based and woody scents are heavier which means they last longer.

Yes, refills are available in the Abode Aroma Crystal range for both candles and diffusers.

Like perfume, if you have a fragrance for a long period of time, you may become accustomed to the scent and therefore oblivious to the fragrance it gives off, while others may be able to smell it strongly. Try turning the reeds more often, or alternatively indulge in something new that can revitalise your senses.

It is important to take care when handling your diffuser product. Be sure to place on a level surface, away from children, pets and fabrics which could be potentially risky if spillage was to occur. In the event that your diffuser was spilled, be sure to clean up the fragrance oil as soon as possible. Putting water on a damp cloth is the best option. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after you have touched the porous reeds and avoid eye contact.

No. Our diffusers and carefully blended with 90% fragrance oil with no added water, to ensure they give off the maximum amount of fragrance, ensuring you, your family and friends have a wonderful sensory experience. Adding water will not only increase the rate of fragrance oil evaporation, but also cause emulsification which separates the oil from the water causing a counteraction. This will essentially decrease the longevity of the product and reduce the strength of the fragrance. Simply leave the diffuser to do what it does best, create a gorgeous ambiance within your home.

The reeds which are used for our diffusers are porous bamboo reeds. Unlike other reeds, their absorption is far more effective, emitting a stronger fragrance for a longer lasting aroma all day, every day.

Reed diffusers are the new modern and fuss free way to fragrance your home or workplace. With no flame or plug-ins, you can simply add the porous reeds to the fragrance oil and leave it be! The purpose of the porous reeds is to absorb the fragrance oil and emit your desired scent, creating a beautiful ambience within your desired space.

There is no right or wrong answer, it is simply a matter of personal preference. We recommend once a week to ensure a refreshing kick in your desired space, however if you want a more subtle scent, less frequent turning is advised. Alternatively if you like a deeper, richer fragrance it is fine to flip the reeds more often.

We advise that you take special care when setting up your diffuser and handling the oils. It is recommended that you place the diffuser on a flat and secure surface, as well as keeping away from children. The fragrance oil is also flammable as stated on the back of the packaging, so be sure to avoid anything that could be potentially hazardous.