Bevelled Crystal Diffuser Angelica Citron 140ml

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An art deco inspired, beautifully cut crystal piece, filled with an exquisite home perfume, the perfect décor item to suit any room. Presented in a beautiful gift box, this very special piece is designed to be re used, so refill items are available.

32.5cm x 8cm x 8cm


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How Long

Up to 4 months


140ml/4.7 fl. oz

Our diffusers are made using a superior quality formulation of 90% fragrance oil, blended using the highest possible percentage of natural essential oils combined with carefully manufactured fragrance to create our signature, complex fragrances.

Containing no water, and a minimal amount of ethanol, which is derived from the cassava plant, ensures our diffusers long lasting effectiveness. Our diffusers are also totally free of artificial colouring and over time will naturally change colour with exposure to the air.

A no animal testing policy is applied to all our products.


Fragrance is a must have accessory adding depth and character to your space. Diffusers add ambiance, working their magic 24/7, while candles light up your world with atmosphere.

Place your diffuser in a room, positioned near a door, so you will be greeted by the scent as you enter. Like a bunch of fresh flowers, you will smell the fragrance as you walk past.

Diffusers work wonders in spaces you want smelling nice. Areas where keeping an eye on a burning candle is almost impossible such as entrance halls, powder rooms and walk-in-robes.

Different air conditions, along with the number, width and length of reeds, will affect the rate a diffuser will evaporate. In hot dry climates, or in air conditioned spaces, fragrance may evaporate more quickly than in environments which experience high levels of humidity.

For more fragrance, flip the reeds. You can flip them every day if you want intense scent, or flip less reeds, and less often, for a more subtle scent. Remember the more reeds you flip and the more often you flip them, the faster the diffuser will evaporate.

Before going on holidays or away for a weekend, flip the reeds on all your diffusers. When you arrive home, you will be welcomed by an inviting scent rather than a stuffy home.

For a truly welcoming space, use a diffuser year round and then enhance the atmosphere by adding scented candles and fresh flowers.

Take care

It’s very important that the diffuser be used with care. The aromatic liquid contains alcohol which is flammable, so keep the product away from open flame. Use caution when setting up your diffuser or flipping the reeds. Flip the reeds over a sink or non porous surface and clean any drips off the bottle before placing on a level surface. Consider using a coaster under the diffuser to avoid damage to delicate counter tops or services. To ensure you gain maximum pleasure and longevity from your diffuser please take a few minutes to read the safety and care instructions that are detailed on the packaging.

Our Promise

  • Safe secure shopping
  • 30 days to return for money back
  • Not tested on Animals

Product Dimensions

32.5cm x 8cm x 8cm


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