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Invigorate your space with scent, a zesty vigour of lemongrass, perhaps or notes of leather and vetiver. Gently awaken your senses with energising fragrances that whisk you away to an oriental zen zone, and envelop your space in a warming mix of green berries, geranium, red rose and amber.

With the propensity to renovate auras, lighten moods and lift spirits, Scented Space’s reed diffusers are made using a superior quality formulation of 90% fragrance oil, blended using the highest possible percentage of natural essential oils combined with carefully manufactured fragrance to create our signature, complex fragrances.

Containing no water, and a minimal amount of ethanol, which is derived from the cassava plant, ensures our diffusers long-lasting effectiveness. Our diffusers are also totally free of

artificial colouring and over time will naturally change colour with exposure to the air. Additionally, a no animal testing policy is applied to all our products.

With a soak, be met with endless opportunities to curate your ambience and wander into the limitless possibilities of splendour and elegance, whilst remaining mindful.

Design a soothing and luminous sanctuary that anticipates your return, and calls for endless hours of convening, unwinding and reviving. With the strength of Scented Space’s diffusers, you might just be deceived into lying on delicate florals on Lavender-laden undulating hills in Provence.

Join in on this entanglement of pink rose, musk and sandalwood. Relish in the freshness of Sunday morning spring with a crisp medley of peach, musk, lime and watermelon. Or, savour an exotic fusion synonymous with balmy Italian summer nights, drenched in perfumes of lime, Mandarin, lilac and caraway.

Try our Scented Space fragrance diffuser and understand why the quality is second to none. Check out our reed diffuser range or leather candles over on our Scented Space Australia page.

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