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Scented Space

Perfume for your home where scent, lifestyle, memory and atmosphere are forever linked in harmony.
Perhaps it’s the spicy smell of the peppercorn tree that reminds you of childhood, or the smell of the beach that is forever associated with your first summer holiday romance. The smell of popcorn in the movie theatre, the scent of white lilies on a cool autumn breeze, of melting raspberry icy-poles by the side of a salty swimming pool, of washed woolly jumpers on a sunny day, scent surrounds us every day and helps us create the most extraordinary memories.
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Reed diffusers and soy candles can help you achieve this harmony in your surrounds. You can layer fragrances throughout your home. Diffusers and candles can act like layers of memories and experiences. Scented products can be used to create a wonderful ambience and personalise spaces so they become sources of extraordinary pleasure and relaxation. Walking into scented living spaces is special. Create experiences that remind you of wrapping up in a cosy blanket, warming by a crackling log-fire, feeling the sea breeze or opening a window to catch a balmy summer night. Interior scent can achieve an elegant ambience, but can also orchestrate another level of sensory awareness for you, and those around you. Remind yourself, and others of wonderful memories using the simple delights of scent.