Apsley and Company

Apsley and Company is luxury in every sense. Artisan fragrances, inspired by the world’s most exotic locations.

We partner with European perfumers, who to our precise brief, develop our fragrances using the same premium quality elements found in that of designer perfumes. Then, using the finest blend of botanical soy wax, we hand pour each luxury candle, allowing the precious perfumes to be blended with meticulous care. The same consideration is given to our luxury fragrance diffusers and room mists. The result; home fragrance perfection.

It’s debatable who the real luminary of Apsley and Company is though; the divinely scented soy candle and room diffuser, or the incredible mouthblown architectural art glass in which they are contained. Designed to be a treasured part of your home décor, we encourage you to repurpose your vessels once the candle’s last flicker of light has blown out. You have so many options – a plant pot, storage jar or even a wine cooler for our luxury 2.4kg decorator candle. For our reed diffusers we offer a refill to replenish the fragrance of your luxury diffuser.

Apsley and Company luxury room fragrance is designer indulgence for your home.

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Inspired by the geometric forms and hypnotic sunray reflections beheld in Art Décor designs, Abode Aroma is for lovers of life. We craft beautiful aromatic room diffusers, soy wax candles, room mists and home décor pieces - perfect as a treat for yourself or a special gift for a loved one. Either way it will be adored.

Our bevelled crystal glass vessels are made by skilled artisans who have a real knowledge and passion for the crystal glass making and designing process. We source our perfumes and create each fragrance to live in unison, meaning you can mix and match our home fragrance products, creating your own bespoke scent, entirely unique to you.

We produce our fragranced candles from soybean oil and hand pour for extra care. With 90% fragrance oil, our reed diffusers are premium quality and noticeably different. With highly concentrated fragrance and a natural essence base our room sprays ensure long-lasting spellbinding scents. 

Whilst crystal glass cannot be recycled due to the addition of minerals we have created a range of refill options. Abode Aroma Candle RefillsAbode Aroma Diffuser Refills and we have a set of 9 Crisp White Linen Cybus Crystal Tealight Candles to be used with the Cybus Crystal Tealight Holders.  Alternatively, the pieces are designed to live in your home in a new form – be it a posy vase or stylish jar for makeup brushes, bathroom essentials and more. Perhaps display the new home accessory additions on our stylish Crystal Presentation Tray to add grandeur to the presentation of these luxury décor piece.

If like us you are lively, spirited and love the colour of life, Abode Aroma is for you.

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Scented Space

Scented Space is the epitome of home decor, exuding elegance, style and creating a beautiful ambiance in the form of stunning reed diffusers and scented candles.

Having a distinct scent for your home not only emanates sophistication, but for family members creates a welcoming familiarity, every time they enter the room.

Unique to Scented Space is our sophisticated library of designer fragrances. We work with world renowned international perfumers, who create scents to our specification. We delicately blend the perfume into our special formulation; composed of 90% fragrance oil and 10% ethanol, derived naturally from the cassava plant. We carefully pour each exclusive scent into our custom designed perfume diffuser bottles and timelessly styled fragranced candle vessels. 

Scented Space home fragrance collection is not only stunning in scent but classic in design so it can become a decorative piece that will impress with its beauty and sense of charm. 

Just like the perfume you spray on your wrist in the morning, your home is not complete unless it has its own scent – by Scented Space

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