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Abode Aroma

The world of Abode Aroma is a world of interior fragrance and simple Luxury.

Scent surrounds us every day, creating, generating memories and helping us treasure our most cherished moments. Abode Aroma® creates interior fragrances to evoke these powerful feelings and to enhance your living spaces. It’s about creating a desirable space to be, an ambient oasis for the senses.

To do this, Abode Aroma® recognises the need for an escape from the hectic demands of everyday life. A home should be a sanctuary, full of pleasure and a place for relaxation. In creating this sanctuary, we use luxurious fragrance oil especially blended to reflect the special lifestyles our customers most desire.

Our diffusers gently wick the air with subtle fragrances that personalise your living spaces and reflect the ambience you desire to create. Add an aura of mystery with the elegant amber, or a sense of the Mediterranean with the mouth watering scents of fig.

Make your space special and Use an aromatic diffuser, combined with our beautiful candles throughout your home to layer scents, and discover the extraordinary impact of scent on your lifestyle.