Vegan Leather Candles Australia | Wholesale Available

Vegan Leather Candles Australia | Wholesale Available

Experience a little bit of luxury while staying eco-conscious with our new sustainable vegan leather candle range.

Bask in sensory delight with the timeless style of leather. Inspired by the wonder of summer living and the classic style of Ralph Lauren, we have created a beautiful range of luxury vegan candles with soft vegan leather holders that are sure to become a treasured item in your home.

When you strike a match and light one of these candles, you will be immersed in complex, nuanced scents that we have created in collaboration with Europe’s best perfumers.

If you are looking for a candle that will transform your bedroom into a relaxing oasis, our Bellini 900g Vegan Leather Sandalwood Candle is the perfect choice, with its beautiful light blue vegan leather and intoxicating aroma of Sicilian peach, violet and sandalwood.

If you want to buy candles for your living room - something that you can light as the sun goes down, when you want to feel your busy day melt away - our Sundown 900g Vegan Leather Musk Candle is just the thing, with tropical notes of mango, summer peach and white musk. Or, if you would prefer to be swept away in scent without the flame, you are also sure to love our indulgent reed stick diffusers and room sprays .

So go on, light the wick, sit back & let your senses be taken over.

Are you a retailer? Enquire now about how you can bring your customers an unparalleled sensory experience.

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