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Ocean Scented Candles

Reminiscent of rolling waves and thunderous seas, Apsley’s ocean scented candles will take you there. Exquisitely fresh, this collection combines hints of sea salt with ocean aquatics and spicy notes of bergamot and cardamom. If your connection to the ocean runs deep, this aquatic candle range is for you. Dive into the world of the marine and experience pure revitalisation. 

Our long-burning ocean scented candles Australia are made from all-natural ingredients and will fill your home with an unforgettable aroma. Let our aquatic and coastal candles take you away to a world of relaxation and bliss. Embrace our Santorini candle collection , with its dreamy marine top notes, intertwined with patchouli and hints of black pepper. Or experience the Coastline vegan leather candle, a refreshing blend of bergamot, ocean aquatics and a base of cardamom. Remove the lid and drift off on a walk along a warm coastal path with an ocean breeze. Or for a different experience, try our Ocean Scented Diffusers .

Transform your space into an aquatic haven. Wholesale and retail orders available.

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