10 Reasons You Should Burn A Candle

10 Reasons You Should Burn A Candle

We know you expect us to be a tad biased when it comes to the benefits of burning candles, but honestly, there are lots of (independent!) studies out there that show candles are great for the mind, home & soul!

Candles definitely have an ‘X-Factor’ and we’re not just talking about the illumination factor. We’ve listed below 10 (of many) reasons why you should burn a candle - from chilling out to adorning the home they are such an affordable and life enriching addition to any space and lifestyle.

Adding fragrance to your space & banishing unwanted odours

Adding fragrance to your space and banishing unwanted odours

Let’s start with the obvious, scented candles are perfect for subtly adding fragrance to a room and (if necessary!) banishing or masking the types of smells none of us want to experience – yes, we’re talking doggy, cooking and teen odours!!! Fragranced candles are available in a broad range of fragrance families (types) including Ozonic, Floral, Woody & Citrus.

Creating an inviting atmosphere

Creating an inviting atmosphere
Scented Space Bellini Vegan Leather Candle,
CREDIT: Photography & Styling by Kylie Redden

Candles are such an easy way to transform a space into a tranquil haven of calm. A few well-placed candles will soften the room through their gentle lighting and intoxicating scents, creating a cozy and intimate room for you and your guests. They can also set the scene for a party or celebration with scents that are fun, vibrant and mood lifting.

Fragrances to try: From our dreamy marine scented Apsley and Company Santorini to our sparkling intoxicating Scented Space Bellini each one has its distinct benefits and will manifest a harmonious atmosphere personalised to what you need in that moment.

Inducing relaxation & relieving stress

Enhancing relaxation and relieving stress
Apsley and Company Reykjavik Luxury Candle Collection

Candles are known for their soothing properties and are used by therapists to create a peaceful space in their therapy and treatment rooms. But you don’t need to go to a salon or clinic to experience that embracing sensation of warmth and comfort.

It’s been a hectic day filled with stress, hustle, bustle, time pressures and the general demands of everyday life! You’re desperate to unwind, so what can you do? (other than reach for a glass of wine!). The simple act of lighting a fragranced candle could be all you need, its captivating flickering glow and relaxing scent helps soothes the mind. Try it – honestly, just light the wick, watch the flame, breathe in the scent and you will soon notice a calmness coming over you!

Fragrances to try: We like to chill with either the soft floral ozonic pillow of Abode Aroma’s Crisp White Linen or the tantalising fruity medley of Apsley and Company’s Reykjavik scent

Enriching focus & concentration

Enriching focus and concentration
Apsley and Company Vesuvius 2.1kg Luxury Decorator Candle

It's too easy to get distracted and lose focus when working from home. We have an easy fix. Light a candle and focus on the mesmerising flame for a few minutes, you'll soon silence the distractions around you. But it’s not just the flame, scent is key too, the right fragrance improves concentration. This can be a whole article by itself but a few key fragrances to think about are:

Fragrances to try: Anything citrus improves cognitive function, the initial burst of scent instantly boosting mental energy levels and gets the work motivation going again. Try Apsley and Company Vesuvius – just like a volcano these scented candles erupt with the bursting notes of sparkling citrus, peach and vanilla. It will totally get the brain flowing with ideas and inspiration!

Certain herbs and spices can also be mind boosting. Apsley’s Adagio collection basks in top notes of bitter orange and cardamom, along with a blossoming heart of lavender and jasmine. Each of these elements have their benefits for focus – Lavender improves concentration, orange is great for alertness, refreshing jasmine is reenergising and cardamom mitigates stress. So – tick, tick, tick!

Embracing meditative & everyday rituals

embracing meditative and everyday rituals
Apsley and Company Glimpse 440g Luxury Candle Blanc

For centuries candles have played an important role in rituals and meditation. Lighting a candle symbolises comfort, spirituality, transformation, purity, hope and guidance. The flame aids focus and helps bring tranquillity into your mindful journey.

Whilst synonymous with spiritual ceremonies candles are a big part of everyday rituals in the home, helping to bring people together and improve general wellbeing. Simple routines like setting the dinner table, having a bath, getting together as a family, settling down for bedtime, are all enriched by the burning pleasure of a candle.

Fragrances to try: There are the traditional scents like lavender, rosemary and vanilla all of which we offer across our brands but as a personal recommendation, our Accounts Manager likes to burn her Glimpse 440g Blanc Luxury Candle . The artisan hand-carved glass gives an enchanting glimpse of the hypnotic flickering flame whilst its green fragrance of rhubarb, fig leaf and white musk relaxes her mind and takes her back to nature.

Celebrating in style

Celebrating in style
Scented Space Celebrate Candle Collection

We really should take time in our busy lives to celebrate the big and small occasions in our life. Birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, holidays, engagements, ‘firsts’, or simply just getting through the day. The simple ritual of lighting and burning a candle heightens sense of joy and stimulates a feeling of calm and reflection, encouraging us to pause, bring people together and enjoy the moment.

Fragrances to try:

Our Celebrate scented candles have been carefully curated to fully immerse you in that moment, with an intoxicating fragrance acting as the perfect mood setter for any celebration.

Igniting love & romance

Igniting love & romance
Apsley and Company Halfeti 1.7kg Luxury Candle

Candles really can make all the difference to a romantic night in and not just at the dinner table! The soft glow creates intimate lighting and the sensual scents add to the romantic ambiance. We can provide the candles, the rest is up to you!

Fragrances to try: Apsley’s Halfeti is our ode to Turkey’s ancient town with an intoxicating blend of sumptuous black rose, laced with violet and grounded with musk. It will definitely bring some romance to the evening. For something a little different try Scented Space Sundown – as the name suggests this candle with its tropical notes is perfect to snuggle down to whilst watching the sun settle on the horizon.

Travelling in fragrant luxury

Trouble candle and tote
Apsley and Company Santorini Travel Candle

When we’re travelling many of us like to take a sense of home with us. One of the best ways to do this is with fragrance (and maybe your own pillow!). Not only does scent give a feeling of comfort with its familiarity but it’s also a great way to add some life to a stuffy hotel room or holiday space.

Collections to try: Our Apsley Travel Candles & Discovery Sets are the perfect companion, their fragrances will soon settle you into your unfamiliar space – they’re also super easy to pack!

A decorative touch

Apsley and Company Vesuvius 2.4kg Luxury Decorator Candle

As many of you, our Apsley Fragrance Family, know we very much focus on crafting products that look just as beautiful as the fragrance they deliver. We want them to become a much-loved part of your home as a greatly admired piece of décor. Our three brands each have their unique style so you can choose the range that’s right for you and your space.

Collections to try: Apsley and Company is our most luxurious and visually striking collection with each artisan piece inspired by the world’s most exotic locations. We can’t quite decide who the real luminary is – the divinely scented soy candle or the stunning mouthblown architectural art glass encasing it!

Our Abode Aroma Bevelled Crystal Glass candle collection is pure (in every sense) decadence and fits in any room style, be it Hamptons, Minimalist, Eclectic, Art Deco, Modern Coastal or Provincial.

Our Scented Space Vegan Leather candles are a sophisticated classic style inspired by Ralph Lauren. The charming design is timeless, exuding a sense of luxury whilst keeping a relaxed style. There’s a familiarity and charm to the scented candle collection that will be admired by all.


Just like different music, fashion, food and candle styling tastes everyone has their own preference for fragrance. Plus, we all smell scents differently – a gardenia fragrance for you could be light, uplifting and decadent but for another nose it can almost be musty and energy sapping. Don’t be put off by this though, be unique, be individual, be you! Embrace all you love (and we’re not just talking candles) and don’t be afraid to literally put your favourite fragrance ‘out there’. You never know, you may convert some of the haters and even if you don’t, you will be in fragrance heaven!

Fragrances to try: This is entirely up to you, just go for whatever you fancy – whether it be on a whim or an all-time favourite. If you’re struggling to make a decision, take a look at our fragrance families to see what might inspire your nose and your home. It’s a cliché but ‘you do you’!

We want you to love home fragrance just as much as we do. At Apsley and Company, we use only finest ingredients, design the most beautiful vessels and offer a broad range of scents to ensure you and your home get the most out your burning experience.

Candles are basically one of life’s simple and affordable luxuries – something we all need and deserve in our lives. So we wish you many hours of happy burning!

Team Apsley xxx

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