Best Diffusers for Large Spaces

Best Diffusers for Large Spaces

Choosing the best diffuser for large spaces

For those who appreciate diffusers, harnessing their captivating scent within larger spaces can be a challenging endeavour. The task of choosing the ideal diffuser tailored to a more spacious environment, and unlocking its utmost potential, demands a touch of expertise.

When dealing with a larger space, it’s important to ensure sustained diffuser efficacy which comes down to the features and functions of the diffuser. From meticulous ingredient curation, size and capacity, to pairing your diffuser with other scented products such as scented candles and room mists, learn how to fill a large space with scent and ensure continuous fragrance.

The diffuser and the space

Diffusers are typically available in a diverse range of sizes, each catering to specific spatial requirements. First, take into account the expanse of your surroundings and consider your needs. Examine the space, and decide what you are catering to. Open spaces like living areas and open-plan kitchens possess distinct scent-dispersing demands compared to more enclosed spaces like bathrooms or compact studies. One crucial consideration lies in the balance between the space and the diffuser's capacity. This space-to-diffuser ratio plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the fragrance saturates the air effectively without overwhelming the senses or conversely, not making an impact on the space. Moreover, reflect on the ambiance you aspire to create.

Whether you are trying to evoke a peaceful atmosphere, an aura of elegance and luxury, or create an invigorating atmosphere, selecting the right diffuser size will be key to achieving your goals.

santorini large room diffuser
Santorini 500ml Large Luxury Diffuser

Diffuser features and functions

Diffusers will vary in their features and functions. When looking to optimise your diffuser for a bigger space, it’s important to consider the size and capacity of the diffuser. The lifespan of diffusers also varies based on size and formulation.

It's all in the ingredients

The type and quality of ingredients used in the formulation of a diffuser significantly affects its lifespan and fragrance performance. Alcohol-based reed diffusers evaporate faster and lose their fragrance quickly, leaving you with an unscented liquid. On the other hand, oil-based diffusers have better longevity.

Apsley and Company tip

Get the most out of your diffuser: before making a purchase, check the ingredient list and avoid diffusers with a high alcohol or water content.

Location matters

Where you place your diffuser can impact its evaporation rate. Hot and dry environments accelerate the process, while cooler and more humid spaces prolong it. We recommend avoiding placing your diffuser in direct sunlight, or near air conditioning units and heat sources to extend the diffuser's lifespan.

Size matters

The size of your diffuser and the space you want to fragrance are interconnected. In larger areas, a single diffuser might simply not be powerful enough to achieve the desired effect. If you want to maximise fragrance for a large space, especially an open plan space, consider placing multiple diffusers strategically throughout the space.

Lifespan - it’s in the reeds

The number and length of reeds used in the diffuser also influence lifespan. More reeds mean more surface area for fragrance oil to coat, leading to faster evaporation. For a longer lasting diffuser, use fewer reed sticks and flip them less frequently. Strike a balance to maintain both consistent fragrance impact and sufficient oil longevity.

Time for a change?

Once your diffuser's oil has fully evaporated, you can use diffuser refills to extend its life. To ensure optimum performance, clean the bottle with soap and water, and let it dry completely before adding the new scented oil refills and replacing the sticks.

Apsley and Company's tip

At Apsley and Company, we’ve made refilling a breeze by offering a range of diffuser refills that fit any of our diffuser vessels. Each refill comes with fresh dispersion wicks for maximum performance. You can even mix and match between collections to create a personalised fragrance experience.

Getting the most out of your diffuser to ensure that it provides scent for your larger space involves paying attention to ingredients, placement, fragrance types, and the number of reeds used. Follow these tips to enjoy a longer-lasting aromatic experience. Create the perfect atmosphere, and refresh your space, no matter how large.

The Apsley and Company range includes a number of sizes to cater to all manner of spaces. Our 100ml/140ml diffusers can last up to four months, while the 200ml/230ml diffusers can extend up to six months.

Discover our large capacity diffusers that are better suited for bigger spaces.

Suggested diffusers

Vesuvius large room candle
Vesuvius 1.7kg Luxury Candle

Complimenting scents: diffuser pairings for a large space

Diffusers are just one way to infuse your living spaces with fragrance. Filling a larger zone with a beautiful scent can sometimes be more easily and efficiently achieved through a thoughtful fusion of scent mediums. Pairing your favoured diffusers with scented candles or luxurious room mists can create a more layered and nuanced fragrance. Layering scents is a particularly potent combination when working with a large space. Whether you’re trying to ensure an even and consistent dispersion of scent in a spacious living area, an open plan kitchen, or a large studio, pairing diffusers with other products can have a bigger impact.

Aesthetically, diffusers harmonise beautifully with scented candles and luxury room mists. Beautifully designed products not only complement your diffuser but also allows you to customise the scent landscape to your liking. Scented candles introduce a warm, flickering glow, and a stronger scent, especially during the burn, that compliments a diffuser's steady, lingering aroma. On the other hand, room mists provide a burst of fragrance, perfectly suited to quickly transforming the scent in your space, and ensuring a welcoming and refreshing smell.

Scented candles

Luxury room mists

Looking to complement your diffuser? Discover our luxury scented candles and room mists.

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