For The Love of Diffusers – How to get the most out of your diffuser

For The Love of Diffusers – How to get the most out of your diffuser

How long do your diffusers last?

As a guide, Apsley and Company 100ml/140ml diffusers last up to 4 months and our 200ml/230ml up to 6 months but there are a number of factors that can affect this.

It is important to remember whilst a reed diffuser is an independent soul and happy to do most of the work on it’s own, there are some tricks you can follow to get the optimum scent and lifespan. 

How do you get the most out of them?

It’s All In The Ingredients

Alcohol reed diffusers evaporate much faster than oil-based diffusers. They also lose their fragrance after a short time so you will simply be left with is a vessel of unscented liquid.

Before making a purchase check the water and alcohol content. If they are at the start of the ingredients list, or account for a large percentage of the formulation the reed diffuser will have a shorter life so avoid when possible.  

Apsley and Company Tip – Our formulation has either NO ALCOHOL or a very small amount hence we can claim great longevity and fragrance performance for all our diffusers across all our brands – Apsley and Company, Abode Aroma and Scented Space 

Location, Location

Think about where you place your reed diffuser, as it can affect the speed of evaporation. The hotter and drier the environment the quicker the diffuser will evaporate. Colder surroundings and environments with high humidity usually mean the diffusers will last much longer.  

Apsley and Company Tip Avoid placing the diffuser under air conditioning units, in direct sunlight or near any heat sources to give it a longer life 

The Science Bit – Fragrance Molecular Structure

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Basically, the fragrance type affects a diffuser’s longevity due to its molecular structure. The darker and richer the fragrance oils the tighter the structure and the slower the evaporation rate. A lighter coloured formulation will not last as long. 

Apsley and Company Tip – Deep fragrances like woody Amber Mahogany, available in the Abode Aroma Crystal Diffuser collection, will last longer than fragrances with fresh citrus or light green notes like the Apsley and Company Vesuvius Luxury Diffuser 

Aplsey Australia Reed Diffuser

Size is important

To ensure maximum fragrant effect you need to consider the size of your glass diffuser against the size of space you are fragrancing. In larger spaces you may still not achieve the impact you would like, so consider having more than one reed diffuser placed in different parts of the room. Or perhaps accessorise with some complementary scented candles or a burst of fragrance from our luxury room mists. 

Apsley and Company Tip – A Scented Space Australia Lime Leaves 100ml room diffuser wouldn't be sufficient for an open space like a lounge but would be ideal for a bathroom or small bedroom. For your larger living spaces consider the Halfeti Black Rose Apsley and Company 230ml Luxury Diffuser 

Reed Diffuser

The Reed Affect

The number and length of reeds used can also affect the longevity of a diffuser.  The more surface area the fragrance oil coats the quicker the diffuser will evaporate so to extend the life of your diffuser put less reed sticks in the vessel.

The same is true with the frequency of stick flipping. Whilst it is important to turn the reeds, to maximise fragrance impact, the more you flip the more fragrance oil will disperse. 

Apsley and Company Tip - remember this might affect the level of fragrance throw, so it’s all about balance. We suggest turning your reeds once a week to gain the mutual benefit of consistent fragrance performance alongside sufficient oil longevity. 

Time For A Change?

Once your oil has fully evaporated you can use diffuser refills. This will involve a little bit of housekeeping but will be worth it to get the most out of your beautiful vessel and the fragrance it holds.

Whether you are refilling it with the same scent or a different one it is better to wash the bottle with soap and water, ensuring it’s totally dry before adding new scented oil refills and replace the sticks. 

Apsley and Company Tip at Apsley we have created a range of diffusers refills that can be used with any of our diffuser vessels! Each diffuser refill comes with fresh dispersion wicks to ensure maximum performance of your ‘new’ diffuser. Feel free to mix and match between collections, for example, Apsley and Company’s Santorini Luxury Diffuser bottle filled with the Abode Aroma Crystal Diffuser oil refill in Gardenia Pearl.

Shop our range of diffusers for home use on the Apsley & Company website today.

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