Scentsational Stocking Fillers

Scentsational Stocking Fillers

The Christmas Stocking – A Legendary Tale

The story behind the Christmas Stocking tradition originates from a tale involving the fabled Saint Nicholas, who is believed to be the inspiration for Santa Claus. 

According to folklore he dropped a bag of gold down the chimney of a poor widowed village man who was unable to afford a dowry to ensure his 3 daughters married well. The golden coins fell into the girls’ stockings which they’d left hanging on the mantlepiece to dry. The village children began hanging their socks hoping Saint Nicholas would leave them a gift. Over time versions of this story have changed, but the tradition of stocking hanging has remained for the hundreds of years since.

Stocking Stuffing Ideas

Now we know stocking fillers aren’t necessarily the main event at Christmas but they still deserve the same time and thought you put into the gifts placed under the Christmas tree. 

We have created a list of home fragrance gifts we know will be appreciated by your loved ones and won’t feel like a waste of money whatever your budget. They’ll also continue giving pleasure into the New Year.

Luxury Travel Candles
Apsley Luxury Travel Candle – Lifestyle

Luxury Travel Candle - $19.95

Small in stature but big on power! If you’re looking for a gift below $20.00 our Luxury Travel Candle is the one for you. They are perfectly sized to pack away in travel luggage meaning your loved one can take a sense of home with them on their trips. The travel tins also serve as a great way to try out our Apsley Luxury Candle fragrances Santorini and Vesuvius

If your gift recipient has eclectic taste and you have a bigger budget try the Luxury Candle Discovery Set at $49.95. We have two sets offering a range of scents across the citrus, floral, aquatic and woody fragrance families – something for all scent palates and occasions!

Scented Space Reed Diffusers
Scented Space Reed Diffusers

We have a number of lovely fragrance options in this elegant yet affordable collection of room diffusers . The chic perfume bottles are filled with our superior fragrance formulation, blended using the highest possible percentage of natural essential oils. For the summer months and beyond, we would recommend the sublimely floral fragrance of our White Lily oil diffuser with its intoxicating blend of pink rose, musk, sandalwood and bergamot. 

For a slightly bigger budget we also have a 200ml aroma diffuser option at $44.95 with fragrances including Lavender Citrus , Lemongrass Ginger and Velvet Rose

Luxury Room Mist
Luxury Room Mist

Luxury Room Mist - $39.95

The unsung hero of room fragrance, our Luxury Room Spray sneaks in just below $40.00 and will easily slip into a Christmas stocking. A quick spritz makes any space feel fresh and welcoming with the spellbinding scents of our Apsley Luxury Room Mists . You can choose from Santorini, Vesuvius, Reykjavik, Halfeti and Kaliningrad.

Scented Space White Fir Candle
Scented Space White Fir Candle

Another gift below the $40 mark is our Scented Space White Fir Candle with a wonderful aromatic blend of fir balsam, cedarwood and amber. Reminiscent of an evergreen forest work, this is scented candle is a more traditional Christmas gifting option with the poignant scent and luxuriant verdant green tinted glass. 

Kylie Redden - Botanical Candle
Scented Space Botanical Candle - Photography & Styling by @kylieredden

If your loved one likes a traditional Christmas home, the Scented Space Botanical Candle is the gift for them. We have created an exotic fragrance blend of ylang ylang and lily with sparkling notes of citrus. Each inlay pillar is lovingly hand poured by our artisans before being carefully decorated with festive fruit and spices.  This artisan process ensures that the candle appeals to multiple senses by looking so engaging and smelling extraordinary. 

It's worth noting, each candle is presented with a beautifully festive red grosgrain ribbon, making it gift ready for a special someone.

Luxury ‘Noble’ Candles
Luxury ‘Noble’ Candles

Our Apsley Luxury Candle collection includes a 400g option of Noble candles , perfect for an extra special stocking filler without busting your budget. 

Noble in name, noble in nature, this may be the smallest glass vessel in our Luxury soy candle and aromatic diffuser collection, but it is just as big on impact with a selection of astonishingly impressive scents giving up to 60 hours of burning pleasure! Each unique mouth blown glass is enclosed in a high gloss gift box with a gold foil embellishment. So gifting-wise, you’re good to go!

We hope our selection has shown you stocking stuffers don’t need to be junk that ends up forgotten or trashed before the festive season is over. With our selection you are sure to delight family and loved ones with your gifts without breaking the bank.

So come on, pull your ‘stuffer gift buying’ stockings up and explore your options , you may even find a little something for yourself!

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