Smells Like Summer

Smells Like Summer

What does the ‘scent of summer’ mean to you?

To bring summer vibes into our rooms we switch out our home accessories and soft furnishings with lighter, brighter colour and fabric options. But we’re here to remind you your home fragrance choice is just as important. Scent is an unseen home styling hero. Fragranced candles , room diffusers and room mists will enhance the visual ambience, take you out of your everyday norm and make the space feel fresh and new.

Home fragrance also has an extra element to it that material accessories don’t. It releases different notes over time changing in intensity and character – just like how nature transitions as the day moves from sunrise to sunset. (To understand how we use fragrance notes and families to describe the experience a fragrance gives, have a quick read of our blog ‘Understanding Fragrance’ ).

summer sky

So, ask yourself, what fragrance says ‘summer’ to you? Quite often it can be tied to happy memories of family holidays, days out with friends, garden parties, building sandcastles on the beach. It might be scents of the ocean, a tropical paradise, freshly cut grass, a bouquet of flowers…

To inspire you and your nose we’ve given a few ideas of how to bring the scent of summer into your home, starting of course with home fragrance, but there’s so many other ways too so keep on reading!

How to get that comforting warm weather feeling in your home

Reed Diffusers

apsley product
Apsley Santorini Luxury Collection

For effortless and ever-exuding fragrance our intoxicating reed diffusers are the ultimate ‘set and forget’ way to create a continuous summery scent in your home.

Fragrance Suggestions

Abode Aroma Angelica Citron Bevelled Crystal Diffuser – an aromatic fruity hit of lime, grapefruit and blackcurrant married with herbaceous notes of coriander, geranium and oakmoss

Apsley and Company Santorini Luxury Diffuser 230ml and 500ml – transform your space into an aquatic haven with this evocative candle. Embrace dreamy marine top notes, intertwined with patchouli and hints of black pepper

Scented Space Peach Blossom Reed Diffuser - a delicately sweet entanglement of peach, violet and sandalwood craft this gorgeously gentle scented experience taking you on a summer amble around the garden with its floral bouquet

Fragranced Candles

crystal candles
Abode Aroma Bevelled Crystal Candles - Photography & Styling: @kylieredden

Our scented candles are the perfect summer addition to any room. These handcrafted, luxurious candles have a long burn time and provide an invigorating burst of scent with every light.

Fragrance Suggestions :

Abode Aroma Gardenia Pearl Bevelled Crystal Candle – intoxicatingly beautiful hyacinth, combines with a heady symphony of lilac, star jasmine and muguet to create a truly heart achingly bouquet of dreamy white flowers

Apsley and Company Eclipse Luxury Candle – fragrance notes of Sicilian orange, blackcurrant and patchouli. A scent of sun-drenched days celebrated with friends sharing glorious picnics in the countryside, and that final, sparkling juice, just as the sun sinks on the horizon

Scented Space Coastline Vegan Leather Candle - a refreshing blend of bergamot, ocean aquatics and a base of cardamon. As you remove the lid you will drift away to a coastal path walk, enveloped by the sun’s warmth and sweet comforting smell of the ocean

Room Mists

Room mists bottles
Apsley and Company Room Sprays

Our luxury room sprays – with a simple spray you can instantly infuse your space with a bright and breezy fragrance. The spritz of fragrance acts as a light blanket of mist throughout your home

Fragrance Suggestions:

Apsley and Company Halfeti Luxury Room Mist - a sumptuously evocative blend of black rose, violet and grounded with musk to create a sophisticated floral scent for your home 

Apsley and Company Reykjavik Luxury Room Mist – at times we need to some light relief from the blistering heat and there’s no better way than a cooling fragrant blast of Reykjavik’s medley of neroli, lime zest and vetiver

Fresh Flowers

fresh flowers in vase
Apsley Santorini Repurposed Candle Vessel

A wonderful way to cheer up the home both in fragrance and colour. If you don’t have a garden for freshly cut blooms try a market stall, independent florist or your local grocery store. Flowers like roses, lavender or jasmine really liven up your space or try indoor plants like eucalyptus or mint.

If flowers aren’t your thing you can replicate the smell with our Floral Fragrance Family of scented candles, room mists and reed diffusers

A Simmering Summer

A simmer pot has always been a go-to when selling your home but it’s also a great way to make your house smell fresh and alive.

Simply add some sliced fresh fruits and herbs to about 2 quarts of water in a pan on your stove. Let it simmer all day and enjoy the clean summer aroma filling your home. Here’s a few combinations that will work a treat:

  • Mint and grapefruit
  • Lemon, lavender & rosemary
  • Strawberries, lemon & coconut

Reuse Your Candle Vessels for DIY Air Fresheners

By simply blending baking soda with essential oils in a repurposed candle vessel soon creates a natural air freshener. You just need ½ cup of baking soda with 10-12 drops of oil. Just like flipping the sticks of your reed diffusers, you can shake the jar every so often to reactivate the scent, or if it really starts to fade simply add a few more drops of essential oil. 

Our blog ‘Earth Day How Can We Help?’ gives a few quick tips on preparing your vessel for repurposing.

Kitchen Herb Garden/Indoor Garden

3 little plants in vases
Apsley and Company Repurposed Candle Vessels

A great way to infuse your kitchen with natural, summer smells. Plus it’s fun and you may find a new passion for gardening (perfect if you’ve not got your own back yard). Personal faves of ours that have inspired our home scents are:

  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Mint
  • Rosemary

And remember, you can reuse your Apsley Luxury & Scented Space candle vessels to plant your herbs and indoor plants

Hand Soaps

hand soap

They’ve been making a comeback as we try to take unnecessary plastic out of our lives. Not only are you helping the planet you’re making your bathroom and hands smell like summer with fresh scents like lemon, grapefruit and mint.

Whilst we don’t do soaps our Citrus Family should give you a few ideas what to look for.

Open the Windows

curtain blowing

You don’t need to live in the middle of the countryside to get the benefits of an open window. Just by opening the windows alone helps freshen the stale air built up over the winter. And if there’s a nice breeze flowing through, you might even be able to turn the aircon off for a bit of all-natural room cooling. 

We love fresh air smells and have bottled up a range of Ozonic (Aquatic) Fragrances including fresh off the washing line Abode Aroma Crisp White Linen

Scented Cleaners

lemons and limes

This is the perfect time for a spring clean. Let’s be honest, nobody’s favourite job but worth the effort as it will freshen up your space ready for summer party guests. And (we say, trying to be positive!) if you use lovely fresh citrus scented cleaners it will lift your mood as you go! Who knows, it could make you WANT to keep on cleaning!

For a more natural, and cost-effective, way to clean you could clean with a lemon. Simply slice one into halves and use it like a sponge or squeeze the juice into a spray bottle and mix with water. It’s not such a sticky process this way! Lemons are good for cleaning:

  • Wood cutting blocks
  • Glass & mirrors
  • Microwaves
  • Toilet bowls
  • They’re also great for freshening up your dishwasher

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that makes you happy, and home fragrance is one of those magical things. We have all been waiting for what feels like FOREVER for summer to arrive and it’s here! So, to make the most of this wonderful season let’s create a space that fully celebrates all that summer brings. 

Bring on the summer vibes at

Team Apsley xxx

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