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With the waltz of a waft, reshape your soul as our reed diffuser envelops every nook and cranny of your sweet, humble abode.

Designed to transit consciousness into a whirlwind of possibilities, the crisp medley of peach, musk and lime can awaken and reinvigorate your space. Or, the serendipitous perfumes of mandarin, lilac and caraway can whisk you to the fruit cart laden streets of Positano.

Made using only the superior quality formulation of 90% fragrance oil, steeped in the highest possible percentage of natural essential oils and infused with a beautifully engineered fragrance; reed diffusers deliver delicate aromas by soaking up fragrances and diffusing them through their wicking systems.

With such sophistication of Apsley and Company’s reed diffusers, each waft brings a renewed sense of pride and pleasure for the place you call home. 

Apsley and Company diffusers are stylish décor pieces exuding lavish extravagance to ensure a lasting statement in any room.

Browse our stunning, recyclable and cruelty-free reed diffusers Australia collection!

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