Luxury Candles

Luxury Candles

Craft and skill grounded in expert artisanship, steeped in inspiration and curated to offer a range that boasts variety and style, our luxury candles and diffusers are a project of love, encouraging delightful self-marination, abundant in splendour and bliss.

Whether it may be the uplifting and effervescent fragrance notes of Bergamot, Papyrus, Oud and Sandalwood, the tantalising neroli, lime zest and vetiver, or, the burst of sparkling citrus, peach and vanilla, erupting like a blazing volcano.

Apsley and Company pieces are made mindfully and are encased in one-off, individually made, mouth-blown, black and arctic white artisan vases. Each striking glass vase has its own distinct story to tell.

Our beautiful luxury candles and diffuser vases are, therefore, not mass produced but made in small batches by skilled artisan glass blowers. No two pieces are the same as the moulds formed through mortal creation vary in colour, patterns, shading and texture.

The image shown is an indicative appearance of the item, your piece will be unique in itself, separate from all, and unlike no other.

Our luxury scented candles are simply more than a collision of wax and wick, rather pieces of carefully sculpted and mindfully assembled art compiled to choreograph immaculate aura with the spark of a match.

Be tempted by an addictive scent of the room behind the black, locked door, beckoning you into its smoky, sultry and intoxicating space, or perhaps, by a hypnotic swirl of ambergris, pink peppercorns and cedarwood. Pamper and nourish the soul with artistry in play as the glint of wax conjoins with ablaze marking the blessing of a renewed space.

Leap into moods, sensations and pleasures.

To browse our skilfully curated range of biodegradable, sustainable and cruelty-free luxury candles Australia, click here.


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