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Scented Candles Perth

Leap into moods, sensations and pleasures at the spark of a match with our luxury candles.

Untangle and unravel at ease as you glimmer in the company of mesmeric fragrances, carefully curated by expert European perfumers that take a traditional approach to candle creation with hand-poured wax in every lustrous glass jar.

Waft in the possibilities presented by the hypnotic swirls of ambergris, pink peppercorns and cedarwood; or perhaps, the fragrance of sun-drenched days celebrated with friends sharing sparkling juice with notes of Sicilian Orange, Blackcurrant and Patchouli.

With Apsley and Company, opportunities and endeavours, alight by glittering warmth exuding enticing aromas harmonize with symphonies of conscious consumption and incomparable indulgence as the wax is hand-poured into every lustrous glass jar of scented candles transforming spaces in a trance-like manner, emulating worldly delicacies and sophistication.

Our collection of candles are formulated with premium botanical soy wax, 100% German cotton wicks and transformative perfumes, abiding by a no animal testing policy, to make masterpieces with a social conscience. By hand pouring each candle, this formulation allows us to have a generous amount of fragrance throughout the entire candle and a longer-lasting burn time. The candle glass and the packaging can be recycled, reused or repurposed.

With a spark, be presented with endless opportunities to curate your ambience and wander into the limitless possibilities of splendour and elegance, whilst remaining mindful. Revel in notes black rose laced with violet and grounded in musk, or bask in the gleam of bitter orange and cardamom, with a blossoming heart of lavender and jasmine; and abundant base notes of Tonka and sandalwood. Check out our handpicked and carefully curated products, ranging from candles to diffusers and mists, over on the Apsley and Company candles Perth page.

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