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Fragrance is a must have accessory adding depth and character to your space. Candles light up your world with atmosphere, while diffusers add ambiance, working their magic 24/7.


Always light each wick every time you use the candle and never allow the flames to come into contact with the glass.

Allow the candle to burn until the entire surface becomes liquid every time you light it. This is a MUST on the first burn as this creates a candle memory pool and will avoid candle tunnelling next time you light the candle. The wax pool will take longer to create on the first burn when the wax is ‘fresh’. However, you should not burn the candle for more than 3 hours or allow the liquid wax to exceed 2.5 cm deep.

Keep the wicks trimmed to 7mm before lighting your candle to create a good wax pool. (this is where the scent throws from, not the wicks) and to prevent soot.

Environmental conditions, fragrance and wax colour will affect the candle’s burn time. Keep your candle in a dry and consistent temperature (15-25c).

For a truly welcoming space, use a diffuser all year around, and then enhance the atmosphere by adding scented candles and fresh flowers.


Place your diffuser in a room, positioned near a door, so you will be greeted by the scent as you enter. Like a bunch of fresh flowers, you will smell the fragrance as you walk past.

Diffusers work wonders in spaces you want smelling nice. Areas where keeping an eye on a burning candle is almost impossible such as entrance halls, powder rooms and walk-in-robes.

Different air conditions, along with the number, width and length of reeds, will affect the rate a diffuser will evaporate. In hot dry climates, or in air conditioned spaces, fragrance may evaporate more quickly than in environments which experience high levels of humidity.

For more fragrance, flip the reeds. You can flip them every day if you want intense scent, or flip less reeds, and less often, for a more subtle scent. Remember the more reeds you flip and the more often you flip them, the faster the diffuser will evaporate.

Before going on holidays or away for a weekend, flip the reeds on all your diffusers. When you arrive home, you will be welcomed by an inviting scent rather than a stuffy home.


It’s very important that the candles be used with care, as although captivating, they are still a mini fire.

To ensure you gain maximum pleasure and longevity from your candle and diffuser, please take a few minutes to read the safety and care instructions that are detailed on the packaging AND ON THIS WEBSITE.


It’s very important that the diffuser be used with care. The aromatic liquid contains alcohol which is flammable, so keep the product away from open flame.

Use caution when setting up your diffuser or flipping the reeds. Flip the reeds over a sink or non porous surface and clean any drips off the bottle before placing on a level surface. Consider using a coaster under the diffuser to avoid damage to delicate counter tops or services.

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