Curating an idyllic guest suite for your summer arrivals

Curating an idyllic guest suite for your summer arrivals

A perfected guest suite is a vault of sublime relaxation and escapism, ever exuding that ‘holiday’ feeling. In preparation for loved ones or friends who’ve issued their out of office for the summer and are heading your way, we’ve canvassed a string of simple steps and tangible touches for the creation of your own private chateau.

Fresh fittings

Lay down dreamy foundations in the bedroom with some crisp new linen. Like walking into a veritable hotel room, your guests will want to immortalise their experience with a photo before sprawling out (or jumping on) the bed. The ambiance of a guest suite relies heavily on the main attraction of bright, subdued, soft, or layered bedding, so choose your aesthetic meticulously. Opt for buttery smooth, colourful layers to brighten up the mood. To amplify that fresh-sheet feeling,  spritz your bedding with the Scented Space Botanical Room and Linen Spray in Rose Petals for a calming trace of velvety perfume.

Bejewel your bedside

Curate a trove of practical and functional bedside table ephemera for within-arms-reach indulgence. Leisurely stack glossies like​ ​VOGUE Living​ and​ ​House & Garden​ that ooze inspiration and fuel hours of private unwinding. For in bed and to stash in their beach bag throughout the day, we’re prescribing a couple of books for some light summer reading. In holiday-mode, visitors are sure to swallow​ ​How To Do Nothing​ - a manual for switching off in the throes of the digital age - whole. The strategic placement of bestseller,​ ​Three Women,​ won’t go astray, either. This non-fiction exploration follows the intricacies and nuances of female desire and chronicles three poignant stories.For a finishing touch, place an Apsley and Company Reykjavik Candle nearby for the uplifting burn of neroli, lime zest and vetiver.

Blitz the bathroom

Morph your bathroom into a luxurious R&R zone akin to that of a spa retreat. To ramp up the sanctuary-like feel, place a botanical hand balm and wash duo that feels like the perfect match for your guests. Fill bare ledges with a Scented Space Lime Leaves Diffuser to perpetuate zesty, fresh fumes and decadent bath salts to encourage a relaxing and detoxifying soak. To add a sense of ‘home’, hang a cosy linen bathrobe on the back of the door and lay out a fluffy bath mat, it’s all about those special additions that will leave a lasting impression on your special guests.

It’s good to be green

Sometimes, the place of rest that we toil over looking and feeling ‘just right’ can be missing a touch of life. For a bare surface or sparse corner by the window, adorn your guest room with some luscious greenery that will not only help the space look inviting, but also purify the air for that long lasting sense of ‘relaxation’. Striving for forest-like feels, trawl through your local nursery or florist to find a hardy, indoor creature that will jazz up and bring life to the space. If you’ve already emptied one of our Apsley and Company glass vessels from the festive season, simply clean any remnants of wax and reimagine them as a stunning cradle for fresh blooms.  ​Australian natives or violet-hued hydrangeas ​are two of our absolute favourites for the summer season and you can scoop up both varieties are your local market, or prune straight from your garden!

Dazzling your fleeting dwellers is almost complete. After fluffing those pillows and marvelling at your interior decorating prowess, it’s time to garner a collection of wines and cheeses to gulp and graze on over catch ups with your guests. Was that the doorbell?

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