Wanderlusting? Your guide to a picturesque Santorini holiday

Wanderlusting? Your guide to a picturesque Santorini holiday

Summer and Santorini. A match made in heaven. Renowned for its glittering, glass-like ocean vistas, domed rooftops painted impossibly white and brilliant local fare, Santorini is at the top of many must-visit (and must-return-to) lists.


For lovers of our Apsley and Company Santorini fragrance - replete with notes of black pepper, marine and patchouli - the perfumes of this cult destination are already pervading the home. Whether Santorini is your signature scent because of its nostalgic nod to past jaunts on the Greek isle, or it’s your incentive to embark on a sojourn there soon, we’ve collated a mini local’s guide to pore over (and perhaps plan from). Spliced with essential items and tips to consider along the way, consider this a capsule itinerary to enhance your upcoming escapades.


Jumpstart your mornings in Santorini with leisurely strolls to Melenio Cafe. For potent espresso shots overlooking blankets of blue, park yourself here and people watch. Embrace holiday mode by indulging in mouthwatering homemade pancakes, embellished with fresh fruit and dripping in maple syrup. This local treasure is a vault of fresh, homegrown, honest ingredients that pay homage to Santorini’s delicious bounties.


Slather yourself in a nourishing SPF lotion with UVA and UVB protection from head to toe before embarking on your sunrise -to-sunset Santorini adventures.


Post morning pool swim, don your kaftan, shades and floppy hat to tour Thera - the antique Santorini ‘city’ hosting a majestic harbour. The most incredible way to experience Thera is on foot, twirling through winding staircases and immersing yourself in all the Grecian sights, sounds and scents. For lunch, find a seaside restaurant slinging fresh fish and ice-cold sips, followed by a cable car commute to the town centre.

Looking for a day trip to remember? For the vino lovers, a visit to Santo Winery is in order. We recommend arriving in the early afternoon and dining and imbibing until it’s time to embrace the crimson sunset views. Santo champions the quintessential drops of Santorini, including varietals like the deep red ‘ vin santo ’ dessert wine. Touted to have a distinct tang, the grapes harvested here are grown on rich volcanic soil.


A unique way to capture your memorable jaunts on holiday is via a polaroid or film camera. While an outdated photography method, the magic of purchasing a disposable camera, snapping extraordinary moments and having them developed weeks later upon your return home only extends the enchantment of a holiday. Stick them into a photo album to immortalise your stay forever.


If a modern rendition of authentic Greek feasts is what you’re craving, pull up a chair at Koukoumavlos Restaurant in Fira, the capital of Santorini. With walls swathed in pink, risotto dyed black with squid ink and a 130-strong wine list, we have a feeling you’ll want to stay here well into the evening.

No European night out would be complete without a smooth, frosty scoop (or two) of creamy gelato. Lolita’s Gelato is a failsafe destination for when your sweet tooth is playing up. The charming, white facade gives way to a rainbow of classic flavours to cap your night off with. If indecision is plaguing you, don’t worry. We’re sure you’ll be back again in less than 24 hours for another fix.


To end every blissful day of leisure, feed your soul with an enthralling summer read. Have a scroll through this go-to shopping list of tales and memoirs to see you through your next getaway.

Holding out for your Santorini serendipity? We’re prescribing a dose of our Scented Space Azura fragrance to tide you over until the big trip. With bergamot, rose, amber and sandalwood, this fresh, summer-centric scent will only propel your burning wanderlust. After perusing this guide, we hope you’re feeling inspired to plan days filled with sun-kissed strolls, feasting and fabulous fragrance. Start the countdown.

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