For The Love of Room Mists – How to get the most out of your Room Mist

For The Love of Room Mists – How to get the most out of your Room Mist

Don’t overlook a room mist

Be honest, when you think ‘room mist’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many of us, room mists are something only granny uses, spraying the bathroom (and you if you got in the way!) with burst after burst of an overwhelmingly flowery and powdery smelling spray. 

BUT, we are here to remove that taboo and make you wonderful fragrance addicts the new generation of Room Mist lovers! Think of them as a cologne for the home, used to target an unpleasant smell or just keep everything fresh and welcoming.

Reasons to love a room mist

The list is long so let me throw a few key benefits out there – instant, ultra-portable, effortless, versatile, effective, fuss-free, safe, flameless. 

Their simplicity means they can be used anytime, (almost) anywhere and for any occasion. They provide a different type of scent to that of a candle. Candles tend to give out a headier, room-filling fragrance and are most effective during the burn. Whereas, room mists have an immediate impact, offering a more subtle layer of fragrance, like a light veil of scented mist.

Okay, so why not just spritz the room with a bit of perfume?

Well, the first thing is cost but also efficacy. Their roles are not intended to be interchangeable. Each is formulated in accordance with its intended role – perfume/cologne is designed to adhere to skin with a higher fragrance oil concentrate so the scent lasts longer. A room spray is lighter and not as heady, it is designed to hang in the air. 

Handy Hint if you are keen to fashion a signature home scent all of you own, you could combine your personal scent with your room mist 

How to get the most from your room mist

room mist bottles
Apsley Luxury Room Mists

Our Luxury Room Mists are the perfect solution for any home in need of an uplift. A spritz of the highly concentrated, natural essence-based spray instantly invigorates the space it envelops and creates maximum impact. It’s fragrant benefits should last a couple of hours. 

We’ve compiled a guide to help you get the most from this interior scenter:

A ‘Welcome’ to remember

candles on table
Apsley Kaliningrad Luxury Collection

Greet your guests with a heart-warming burst of fragrance by spraying your welcome mat and hallway rug just before they arrive. As they walk through your front door they will be introduced to the homely atmosphere and ambience that is so personal to you and will immediately feel at home.

Handy Hint – for even more impact place a complementary room diffuser on your hallway table. We have a lovely selection you can choose from on our website

Layer the scent

candles on books
Apsley Reykjavik Luxury Collection

Layer fragrance blends and strength with the addition of a candle . You can either use the matching candle or go for a harmonising aroma to create a signature scent.

Simply light the candle and spritz the room (it’s most effective if you do this in the centre of the room rather than from the doorway). A little goes a long way so two or three pumps of the spray should be sufficient. You will enjoy an immediate blast of fragrance from the spray, as this gradually subsides the candle’s fragrance emission builds up.

Handy Hint – If you decide to go bold and create a bespoke room scent you could focus on your favourite fragrance family. For example, if you fancy a citrus burst perhaps try a combination of Apsley’s Reykjavik Luxury Room Mist   with the Vesuvius 1.7kg Luxury Candle or mix it up a little more and accompany the Reykjavik room spray with an Abode Aroma Crystal Angelical Citron Candle

Treat your soft furnishings to a little zjoosh 

window with curtains and bottles
Soft Furnishings

If you give your soft furnishings a fragrant spritz, the scent will remain in the room for longer. Room sprays eventually dissolve in the air but fabric absorbs the fragrance giving it a longer lifespan.

Ideal places include curtains so it catches the breeze, or cushions which will release fragrance every time you give them a plump. In bathrooms, help with the eradication of ‘unwanted’ smells by also spraying the shower curtain and bathmats. If you struggle with sleep, perhaps try a calming scent on the bedding or floor rug. If lavender isn’t your thing try our Apsley Halfeti Luxury Room Mist it offers a calming combination of sumptuous black rose, laced with violet and a grounding musk.

Handy Hint – Always check your product’s instructions before using and test on an inconspicuous area first to check it doesn’t stain

Long forgotten cupboards?

Linen cupboards, shoe stores and coat rooms can build-up a musty aroma over time. A room mist livens up the space and will also settle on the fabrics to give them a burst of freshness too. We like a lovely aquatic fragrance in a linen cupboard for that fresh, just-washed smell! Try the Apsley Santorini Luxury Room Mist which is a lovely marine combination of patchouli, peppercorn and muddled spices

Handy Hint – you can spray spare pieces of fabric and place them in closets, cupboards and drawers for a fragrant lift.

Weekend travels


Travel is a wonderful thing, but there’s no shame in wanting to take a bit of home with you. One of the best ways to do this is with fragrance. Why not include a room mist with your travel essentials and when you arrive at your holiday destination give the room, bedding and curtains a quick spritz (after testing!!!). 

If it’s not a case of bringing home with you, but simply adding some life to a stuffy hotel room we would suggest you try our Apsley Kaliningrad Luxury Room Mist it will fill the space with a hypnotic swirl of ambergris, pink peppercorns and cedarwood.

Handy Hint - You could even treat your suitcase to a quick burst of fragrance before packing your clothes, keeping them ‘journey fresh’

Car love

Do you miss that ‘new car smell’? Don’t be afraid to give the interior a spray of our Luxury Room Mists It’s inevitable that over time a car’s interior will start to pick up aromas, including coffee spills, crumb droppings and pet hair. With a quick spritz you can overpower those smells and create a fresh atmosphere making your road trips that bit more pleasurable.

Handy Hint – don’t keep the bottle in your glovebox as the heat will cause the fragrance to diminish. It’s always best to store room sprays in a cool space, out of direct sunlight

So go on, rediscover room mists, give them the accolade and glory deserved and infuse your home with the fragrances you love. Spray to your heart’s (and home’s) content. 

Share the newly found love with those close to you. Our  Luxury Room Mists   have been packaged beautifully to make a lovely gift for a friend. They are the perfect housewarming or birthday present. You can explore our full home fragrance range at

Happy misting!

Team Apsley xxx

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