Top Tips To Make Your Candle Smell Stronger

Top Tips To Make Your Candle Smell Stronger

So when we talk about scented candles Australia and the fragrance they release we refer to their ‘fragrance throw’ simply how well a candle’s aroma travels in the air to fill a space. In the candle world we evaluate both the ‘cold throw’ and ‘hot throw’. Cold throw is the fragrance you smell when the candle is unlit and wax is solid – usually you have to smell the candle up close for cold throw. And, as you will have guessed, hot throw refers to the level of fragrance you smell when it’s lit and the wax is melting. 

The throw will depend on factors such as wax type, fragrance oil concentration and candle design. As a general guide, cheaper candles tend to smell very strong with a dominant smell unlit but once lit don’t smell as good. Luxury candles might not have an overly strong smell when cold but have a great hot throw, revealing different scents as the candle releases top, middle and base notes during its burn.

It’s all about the burn

a row of 4 candles smallest to largest
Apsley Luxury Candles

One key factor for gaining maximum fragrance strength is the candle quality and how you look after it during and in between burns. 

If you take proper care of your candle, you will enjoy the aroma even once you’ve blown yours out.

So, the burn:

When lit, a candle’s wax pool will only extend to the same diameter it reached on the previous burn. The first burn is the most important so ensure you light all the wicks and allow the wax pool to reach the container’s edge. By doing this, not only are you avoiding tunnelling but you are also given the candle scent a chance to diffuse from the melted wax and spread throughout the room. The larger the pool of wax, the higher the scent ratio stronger the smell. Please do make sure you don’t leave the candle burning unattended!

As a little side note, when you light the candle for the first time you may notice the fragrance isn’t as strong as you’d hoped but don’t worry, this is generally the case. The scent will get stronger as the candle burns. 

Size & ratios matter

3 different sizes of candles
Scented Space Celebrate Candles

Select candles that are the right size for the room and choose high-quality candles with a high percentage of fragrance oil. The bigger the candle, the greater the wax pool, the better the scent throw.

The sizes of the candle and room matter. The smaller the room, the easier it will fill with fragrance. If the room is too large for the size of the candle the scent throw simply can’t fill the room properly. So when you’re choosing a candle think of the size of space you want to fragrance – the larger the space the bigger the candle.

At Apsley we provide a variety of candle size options to help you find the perfect candle for each space you want to fragrance. For example:

Scented Space 900g Vegan Leather Candle ideal for a cosy living room or snug

Apsley 2.1kg Luxury Candles or Scented Space Celebrate 4kg Candle - Ideal for a large open space like a family room.

Purchase candles scented with a fragrance load of between 5% to 10%. High-quality candles tend to have the higher fragrance levels. It is essential a candle producer knows the correct levels to use to create the ideal scent throw whilst not compromising the candle’s stability (wax sweating, discolouration and curdling) 

Doubling up

Abode Aroma Crystal Candles
Abode Aroma Crystal Candles

If a large candle doesn’t cut it - burn two candles (or more!) of the same scent 

… and maybe add a room diffuser for that extra kick 

You can create a lovely candlescape with a selection of different sized candles in the same fragrance. Perhaps try the Abode Aroma Crisp White Linen fragrance, available in a range of different styles and sizes in the Abode Aroma Crystal Collection . We love to use the fragrance collection as part of our dining table setting when entertaining friends and family. We combine a couple of the 220g Bevelled Crystal Candles with a trio of Cybus Crystal Tealights with Crisp White Linen Scented Tealights   

Apsley Hint - A bevelled crystal room diffuser or Ingot fragrance diffuser placed on a side table in the room takes scent to another level!

Switch it up

a range of candles
Apsley Luxury Candles

You get used to scents you smell all the time so switch it up

Fragrance fatigue is a thing! It’s when your body naturally becomes desensitised to the same smell over time. It does this to all forms of stimulation over time to prevent overloading your nervous system, allowing you to concentrate on the newest sensation that are more likely to be an opportunity or a threat (for example food that’s gone off in the fridge).  We also have an olfactory memory that discards recently experienced smells. For example, you don’t notice the smell of your home when you get back from work but it may smell strange to you when you get back from a holiday.

When it comes to keeping your nose and home fresh with home fragrance, the easy fix is to simply switch up the scent; for maximum stimulation swap them out for a totally different fragrance family! Our team likes to change our candle scents according to our mood, the situation or time of day. So if you feel you’re struggling to smell a fragrance you’ve had for a while perhaps change from the heady floral notes of our Abode Aroma Bevelled Crystal Candle to the uplifting citrus notes of sparkling fruits, peach and vanilla with our Apsley Luxury Vesuvius Candles

Keep it close

woman with a glass of wine warming her hands on an apsley candle
Apsley Santorini Luxury Candles

Position your candle close to you and never leave it unattended

An obvious one we know but we had to share it - the closer the candle the sooner you will pick up the scent and the stronger it will be. 

Avoid drafts

breeze blowing through curtains

Drafty spaces take away the 

Positioning of a scented candle is key to optimise the fragrance delivery. Keep it away from an open window or air vent as the scent is drawn to the breeze rather than the room meaning the full fragrance effect will be lost. On the other hand, a rotary fan in the same room can enhance the scent by circulating it around the space. It’s also good practice to place it away from excessive heat or light, whilst this doesn’t affect the burn or smell it will affect the look of the candle as it causes wax discolouration.

Keep it short and keep it clean

candle by a bowl of pears
Scented Space Sundown Vegan Leather Candle

A short wick and clean wax surface will help the quality of the candle’s burn and fragrance diffusion

A candle wick should be kept at length between 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch. If it’s too tall the flame will grow too large causing it to flicker or soot. This instability will affect the burn quality thus reducing the scent release as the wax will not be melting as quickly. You may also become aware of a smoky smell overwhelming the scented candle as the wick plumes. When cutting, don’t allow wick debris to fall into the wax.

Our curated Candle Accessory Set will help you keep your candle in trim.

Wax type

Some waxes trap fragrance due to their tight molecular structure, reducing scent throw

Paraffin wax produces a stronger cold candle smell and is one reason it’s used in cheaper candles. Natural waxes like soy hold onto scent and are harder to work with but definitely worth the effort. We pride ourselves in working with premium European perfumers who develop our fragrances using finest quality elements to ensure a successful burn and strong fragrance throw.

Put a lid on it

candle and lid
Scented Space Greenhouse Vegan Leather Candle

Candle lids are great for containing the fragrance when the scented candle isn’t burning

If your candle comes with a lid, put it back on when the candle is unlit and the wax is cold. Not only will it help retain the scent to ensure maximum hot throw on the next burn, it will also protect the candle from pesky dust which can make the candle look messy and affect the candle’s burn efficacy. Particularly good if you’re going away & don’t want to lose the benefit of scent whilst your home is empty.

Our Scented Space Vegan Leather Candles have a hand-polished lid to enclose the gorgeous fragrances we have developed. We have a range of fragrances in this collection from the fun fruity summery notes of Sundown to the sensual green ‘straight from the garden’ scents of Greenhouse

For more hints and tips regarding candle care and getting the most out of your candle please visit our blog:

Happy (& fragrant) burning!

Team Apsley xxx

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