Gifts for Mother’s Day

Gifts for Mother’s Day

Luxury fragrances are perfect picks for Mother’s Day

With everything they do for us, it's hard not to want to give meaningful gifts for Mum to show our appreciation and love this coming Mother’s Day on Sunday 12 May. There’s all manner of goodies for gifts from flowers and candles to self-care and diffusers, and lots more. And of course, we cannot forget Grandmas, special Aunties or other wonderful motherly figures in our lives. 

Here’s our guide to some of the best gifts for Mother’s Day  this year from Apsley and Company, to make it that extra bit special.

Show your mum how special she is this coming Mother’s Day on Sunday 12 May

Our favourite gifts for Mother’s Day

Make this year matter with a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift destined to make her feel loved every time she walks past or enjoys its scent. Something that is pure luxury for her home and will envelop her with exquisite fragrance will usually be met with delight for a variety of reasons, according to founder & CEO of Apsley and Company, Helen Armstrong.

“First, m any women simply enjoy the experience of pleasant scents and find them soothing, uplifting, or comforting. Luxury candles, diffusers and increasingly beautiful room mists offer a captivating way to indulge in these sensory pleasures within the comfort of their own homes,” she said.

“There’s a sense of sophistication and elegance that high-end bespoke home fragrance products have in common,” Helen added. “They serve as both decorative pieces and aromatic delights, enhancing the ambience of any room.”

These are Helen’s favourite picks from Apsley & Company for Mother’s Day 2024: 

Abode Aroma Bevelled Crystal collection

The art deco inspired Abode Aroma Bevelled Crystal collection looks stunning and smells divine in any space

This art deco inspired collection features beautifully cut bevelled crystal vessels for either candle or diffuser, designed to suit any room. The exquisite Abode Aroma Bevelled Crystal Candle $94.95 with its custom-fitted and refillable scented pillar candle is a substantial gift, weighing more than 1 kg.

Presented in a gift box, this very special piece is designed to be reused over and over again, with matching candle refills available in packs of 2.

For Mums who perhaps don’t like flames, or simply prefer the allure of a constant permeating fragrance, explore the Abode Aroma Bevelled Crystal Diffusers , $94.95, which are just as sophisticated. And new to the range are two beautifully scented Crystal Room Mists 100ml, $39.95, which will provide a light blanket of scented mist to envelop her in sumptuous scent.

If you're stuck on which of the fine fragrances to choose, Helen recommends the classic scent Crisp White Linen as hard to beat for most mums. Its fragrance profile features fresh drifts of white lily and posies of ylang ylang blooms enlivened with luscious servings of peach, red apple and citrus leaves to form a liberating perfume that dances on a soft ozonic pillow of musk and summer jasmine.

Glimpse Luxury Candles

Glimpse 1.7lk luxury candle $199.00 in Blanc offers something truly unique. Each glass vessel is delicately hand-carved and polished by specialist artisans to allow an enchanting glimpse of the burning candle’s hypnotic flickering flame.

The white glass encases the finest blend of botanical soy wax, scented with the unique and alluring fragrant fusion of rhubarb, white musk and the much-loved fig leaf. Pure luxury for the home. Presented in a luxurious gloss ice white box embellished with a gold foil inscription, the Glimpse luxury candle makes a true statement gift.

Other best gifts for Mother’s Day

Incorporating home fragrance into a daily routine can also be a form of self-care for some women, offering a moment of relaxation and sensory indulgence amidst busy schedules. Certain scents have mood-enhancing properties, such as reducing stress and sending you off into a blissful state or refreshing the air and boosting energy levels. 

Our Regal Room Mists are supremely luxurious for the ultimate in fine fragrance

Transform your Mum’s mood from frazzled to serene with a bespoke luxury room mist. Apsley and Company’s exotic Regal Room Mist blends, $39.95, will transport her to the beaches of Santorini, the Russian province of Kaliningrad or Turkey’s ancient town of Halfetti with top notes of sumptuous black rose, laced with violet and grounded in musk.

These l uxury room sprays are formulated with premium quality ingredients, including a natural essence base and highly concentrated fragrance. These ingredients not only contribute to the richness and complexity of the fragrance but also ensure a higher level of purity and safety compared to synthetic fragrances.

How can I make Mother’s Day really special?

So, what do most Mums want for Mother’s Day? Let’s face it, they know it’s the thought that counts, and they want to feel appreciated and special. Reinforce your commitment to wowing your mum on Mother's Day with a combination of gift and gesture. They love it when you can spend some time, so why not plan a gourmet candlelit dinner, either by cooking her favourite meal yourself or ordering from her preferred restaurant?

Set the table with your best tableware, fresh flowers, and scented candles to create a special and intimate atmosphere. You could even go all out and surprise her with a curated selection of wine or champagne to complement the meal.

The final word

Luxury home fragrance products are some of the most gift-worthy for special occasions, and you can choose the form or fragrance according to the unique preferences of your mum. Their premium quality, beautiful packaging, and highly concentrated fragrance make them a thoughtful and indulgent gift option for your special mum or mum-figure. 

But regardless of the gift chosen, the most important aspect is showing our love, appreciation, and gratitude to the special mothers in our lives.

Can't decide? Spoil Mum with an Apsley and Company e-gift card sent directly to her inbox. She can personally shop from our range of candles room sprays and diffusers . Available in a range of beautiful designs, select a custom amount to give.

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