The Best Candles for Men

The Best Candles for Men

Candles are a powerful way for men to create ambience

How to choose the best candle for men

There’s a growing trend of luxury scented candles being embraced in male interiors as they look to transform ordinary rooms into more extraordinary spaces. As we’ve changed the amount of time in and the way we use our homes, men are wanting some direction on the best scented candles that will appeal to them. Fragrance expert Helen Armstrong, founder & CEO of Apsley and Company, believes that candles have finally transcended gender stereotypes as everyone deserves to embrace the bliss of coming home to a warm and inviting space - or take their interior aroma to the next level.

Whether buying a candle for yourself, buying as a gift, or simply looking to learn about popular masculine candle scents, this article explores popular “manly” candles and the best scent options trending with men right now.

What is a "manly" candle scent

While it’s important to remember that scent is totally individual and isn’t inherently gender-based, there are a few unique smells that we associate with men - And which men prefer in a candle or scent. From more woody, smoky profiles to citrus or spice blends or fresh marine scents.

Woody and earthy scents

Deep and warm-based scents of natural woody notes and amber are very popular with men. These include cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, and patchouli, which evoke memories of nature and forests that are calming and grounding. These also include herbal scents like sage, basil and thyme.

large and small candles on desk
Apsley and Company’s Limited Edition Eco Luxe Amber Hinoki Apiary candles are a popular choice from the woody fragrance family

Citrus and Spice Blends

Invigorating scents like citrus and pepper are also appealing to men for their refreshing and dynamic fragrance profiles. These include notes of lemon, orange and bergamot, combined with spices like pepper, ginger and cardamom.

man holding candle
Glimpse is a sophisticated fragrance of black tonka bean, cardamom and bitter orange

Fresh and Clean Aromas

Clean scents with hints of sea salt, ocean breeze, or fresh linen evoke feelings of purity and revitalisation which men enjoy, especially after a long day. Exquisite coastal scents have the power to transport you to marine endeavours or tranquil shorelines.

Popular scents don’t have to be traditionally masculine either. They can be intense and floral, such as our Halfeti Luxury Candle. While belonging in the Floral fragrance family, it has a captivating aroma with masculine appeal and boasts up to 180 hours of burn time. Encased in an artisan, mouth-blown glass vessel, it also features sultry black wax. 

man holding large candle
Halfeti 1.7kg luxury candle from Apsley and Company: revel in top notes of sumptuous black rose, laced with violet and grounded in musk with this ode to Turkey’s ancient town of Halfeti

Our Top Picks: The Best Candles for Men

Best candles for a man’s bedroom

Choosing the best candles for a man’s bedroom involves considering scents that are typically more masculine or neutral, as well as the overall aesthetic of the room. Good ones to try are from Woody and Earthy scent profiles or Fresh and Clean scent profiles.

Another aspect to consider is the container, as many men prefer simple, modern or masculine containers such as metal, concrete or dark-coloured glass. Avoid overly sweet scents unless you know the individual’s specific preferences.

Best candles for a man’s bathroom

Some popular bathroom scents that men find appealing are from Aquatic profiles reminiscent of the ocean, which provide a refreshing and clean aroma. Also Citrus scent profiles with notes like bergamot, lemon or orange can provide a fresh clean feel, suitable for a bathroom.

When choosing a candle for a bathroom, consider the size of the bathroom and the intensity of the fragrance.

zibra pattern candle and diffuser setting
Embrace dreamy marine top notes with Santorini , intertwined with patchouli and hints of black pepper

Best candles for apartments

Apsley and Company’s one-of-a-kind bespoke candles will give an apartment a sense of indulgence and relaxation like no other. If you’re looking for the perfect statement candle, try their Vesuvius 2.4kg Luxury Decorator candle which bursts with uplifting and revitalising aromas of citrus, peach and vanilla. 

Muscle man holding massive tiger pattern candle
Vesuvius 2.4kg luxury candle from Apsley and Company: effervescent with notes of sparkling citrus, peach and vanilla, erupting like a blazing volcano

Choosing the right candle as a gift

Luxury scented candles for men have become the perfect gift for the modern man. Consider  characteristics like a more masculine scent, a good burn time and a handsome vessel, which can double as a cool decor piece.

When buying a candle as a gift for a man, think about choosing a scent that is more masculine than sweet. A fragranced candle can also be seen as an extension of his personality, whether he be outdoorsy (think fresh pine, citrus or ocean scents) to the more sophisticated (amber, black pepper or musk). Choose something that meets his lifestyle preferences, for example does he prefer entertaining (warm, inviting fragrances) or meditating (calming)? 

Look for more minimalist designs - from deep, strong colours to classic whites and fresh styles. Consider their home and decor, and if you want a statement piece or something that blends in.  

older man holding smokey, rustic looking candle
Our Twighlight 1.7kg luxury candle is encased in a mouth-blown, black and arctic white artisan vase and has a burn time of up to 180 hours

Ask yourself: Is the scented candle container able to be reused after the endless hours unwinding by candlelight? So many beautiful vessels can begin a new life as a vase or sophisticated planter. Think how the candle will live on beyond the last burn.

Consider packaging and how the gift will arrive and the unopening: Choose a candle that's packaging - and unboxing - is simple, and not overly frilly or floral. Think clean and classic.

Candles for men offer not only a source of illumination but also a testament to refined taste and sophistication. With scents crafted to evoke adventure, serenity, and timeless elegance, luxury candles stand at the forefront of curating experiences that cater to the modern man's penchant for style and comfort. From gift giving to personal choice, enjoy the intoxicating scents candles exude. Shop the range from Apsley and Company today.

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