Taking care of your candle

Taking care of your candle

Ah, lifting the lid on your beautiful, new candle is a feeling of elation similar to popping a champagne bottle or unwrapping a stunning bouquet of blooms. Pure bliss.

Abode Aroma scented soy candles are crafted to cast a continuous, atmospheric veil over your space, boasting a staggering burn-time of 55 hours. But with each captivating fragrance, it’s often forgotten that the journey from ‘brand new’ to ‘all burnt out’ is one of T.L.C.

We’ve collated a list of go-to tips to resolve any qualms you have whilst setting the mood with our trilogy of luxury candle brands, including Scented Space, Apsley & Company and Abode Aroma.

Those tainting soot marks? An uneven burn? Is wick-trimming really a thing? We’ve got it covered, so you can get the most out of your candle life.

Caring for your new Candle

Carefully follow the below steps to keep your soy candle burning a delicious aroma for (way) longer, so you can enjoy more of those low-lit soirées and lazy Sunday afternoons with a cuppa in hand.

  • To improve the life of your candle and maximise that delicious fragrance throw, ensure you create an even wax pool over its entire surface upon the first lighting. Wait, a wax what? Basically, the wax pool is the melted puddle of wax resulting from burning your candle. The longer you burn your candle, the larger the wax pool will become.
  • This wax pool will create a candle wax ‘memory’ or imprint, and avoid any oddly-shaped hollowing (aka, candle kryptonite). Ensuring the whole candle’s surface burns evenly will allow for a steady, glorious fragrance release, every time you strike that match!
  • Once the entire surface is liquid, don’t let the candle burn for more than one hour, despite how seriously tempting this may be.
  • Trimming wicks to 5 mm before each burn and keeping a lit candle away from any drafty home corners or billowing curtains will also help create an even wax pool and achieve the best burn time.
  • Always double check that at least 1 cm of wax is sitting at the bottom of your favourite candle, so that the base is never reached by the flame.
  • But when that time does come, it’s not all bad news. Wash your decorative glass jar our and reuse as a treasure trove for keepsakes. Think a beautiful piece for office taming, a mini succulent planter, a vase or even a makeup brush holder to adorn your bathroom vanity.

Candle Safety

While we’ll never stop candle-lit bath routines (especially when paired with VOGUE and pinot), it serves to heed a little caution when melting your favourite candle in your haven. While being a gorgeous way to festoon your space and conjure an alluring, personalised home fragrance, there are a couple of small things to remember as you revere your signature scent.

  • Never use your candle if the glass is cracked, chipped or broken in any way.
  • Just like you always check to be sure that hair straightener is turned off, don’t leave a burning candle unattended. Always do a double take before running out the door or calling it a night.
  • Keep your candle out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Don’t let your candle sit near anything that can catch fire. A flat, heat-proof surface is just what you need.
  • Never move a candle aglow! Always wait until the wax is solid again to reignite that flame.
  • Be vigilant when your candle nears its end! Don’t forget to stop burning when 1cm of wax remains. Good news, you can try another tantalising fragrance next!

May your home rituals be spruced with divine scents and the gentle glow of our sumptuous soy candles. We hope these simple steps will help you make the absolute most out of your burn-time, and keep your zen-zones heavenly for longer.

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