Apsley Reed Diffusers Independently proven to last between 30% to 300% longer then International Competitors

Apsley Reed Diffusers Independently proven to last between 30% to 300% longer then International Competitors

Our Abode Aroma, Apsley & Company, and Scented Space diffusers have recently been tested by Eurofins Environment Testing Australia Pty Ltd. Independently pitted against top international selling brands, the results have revealed that they last between an impressive 30% and 300% longer than international competitors. Cue the round of applause!

quality formulation reed diffuser

Ranking no.1, we rose to the occasion when tested against some of the Diffuser World's biggest names, including True Grace, Archipelago, Marks & Spencer, The Aromatherapy Co, Glasshouse and more.

While we’re all accustomed to choosing our home fragrances based on those vital first impressions of aesthetic and smell, there’s actually many variables that can affect the performance of your product.

Our signature fragrance diffusers are made using a proprietary, uber high-quality formulation of 90% fragrance oil and 10% food-grade ethanol derived from the cassava plant. 

diffuser independently tested for fragrance and longevity

We’ve donned the lab coats and science goggles to divulge what goes into making the crème de la crème of diffusers. It’s a lot more complex than you may think...

  1. The actual diffuser formulation plays a major role in the longevity of your signature scent. If it includes water and high levels of alcohol, it’ll disappear pretty quickly. This tends to be why the cheap and cheerful diffusers in the discount shops are so inexpensive: you’re basically buying water and very cheap alcohol in a glass bottle. Not ideal, right?
  2. Climatic conditions of the room where your dream diffuser is placed is oh-so important. Hot, dry areas in direct sunlight equate to speedy evaporation. Heeding caution to open doors and windows will keep the diffuser at its best, and ensure it keeps on giving!
  3. When it comes to the number and length of the diffuser wicks or reeds, less is more. More wicks means more surface area for the fragrance to diffuse from, and this will reduce longevity. Again, the longer the wick, the more surface area for the fragrance to diffuse from, shortening your diffuser lifespan.
  4. The type of reed or wick used can majorly influence the fragrance throw. Natural reeds from rattan (plants) require turning more frequently as they dry out rather quickly. Wicks, however, tend to require less flipping as the raw material of the wick holds more diffuser liquid than a reed will.
  5. The frequency with which the reeds or wicks are flipped. Now, this is a delicate balancing act. The more you flip, the quicker the evaporation, but the less you flip, the less potent your beautiful fragrance will waft around the house. That’s why we recommend a ‘flipping’ ritual of roughly once a week.
  6. Let’s talk about the type of fragrance. Not all fragrances are created as one, and the style of fragrance can impact longevity. (Think about what differentiates your favourite perfume from a transient body mist). Citrusy fragrances have a molecular structure that means the ‘bubbles’ are big, so they’ll evaporate really quickly when compared to those deliciously smoky, vanilla and amber type of scents which have a tightly concentrated structure.
  7. The opening at the top of the diffuser bottle determines evaporation rates. The more open, the greater the evaporation, and just like your no.1 wine, the liquid will also oxidise (causing a change in colour). Luckily, this doesn’t affect the scent in the same way it does with that chardonnay!

We’re extremely pleased to share that when scientifically tested, our reed diffusers are unrivalled in both fragrance and longevity, so you can revel in your favourite scent for as long as possible. As it turns out, victory smells a lot like delicious notes of gardenia, fresh fig and crisp linen!

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