The Architecture of Fragrance: Part 3 In The Home

The Architecture of Fragrance: Part 3 In The Home

You enter a home, and within an instant, you have this instinctive, subjective ‘feeling’ about it.

Home is a notion that transcends tangibility, extending far beyond what you can hold and see. Scent has the propensity to inspire and create, ultimately transforming your house into a haven. Often neglected or considered an afterthought when curating interiors, our sense of smell is most important in crafting long-lasting memories of ‘home’ that are charged with intense emotion.

Scent becomes an integral multi-sensory extension of the architectural experience. As each ornamental knick-knack, framed photo and piece of aesthetic memento tells your story, we consider the veil of  fragrance as a lasting touch when creating your own home ‘mood’. Today, we’re running you through the geographical and seasonal implications of fragrance ‘In the Home’.


Every room in the home should have a different scent, perpetuating a feeling of luxury and depth. Strategically placing different scents in each room throughout your abode will allow you to create specific moods in different living ‘zones’, ensuring you and your guests don’t grow bored of one particular candle or diffuser.

This ties back to the notion of nose blindness, when olfactory receptors become desensitised to a fragrance over time, until it is barely detectable to the person. Another disadvantage of carrying one scent throughout the entire home is that guests who aren't fond of it have nowhere to go to escape it. For example, one friend could find vanilla-based scents sickly-sweet and headache-inducing, while another is an ardent lover of all fragrances warm and rich.


For the entrance...

First impressions matter. In the hallway, adorn bench tops and wall shelves with fresh, floral scents such as the Abode Aroma Pink Frangipani Reed Diffuser to boast a warm, inviting greeting for guests upon entering your home. Reach for the diffuser in this high-traffic area, so that the scent will be gently carried into all adjacent spaces.

For the living room...

Moving through to the living room, opt for mood-lifting and crowd-pleasing citrusy or fruity fragrances that brighten a communal space. After throwing your keys and bag down at the end of the day, you’ll be surrendering any stress to revel in a familiar, uplifting and vibrant scent like the Abode Aroma Angelica Citron Bevelled Crystal candle.

For the kitchen...

Go for spicy, gourmand fragrances giving the illusion that something delicious is perpetually baking in the oven. For a candle that will burn atop your beautiful kitchen bench, look for an aesthetically-driven glass jar design like that encasing the Apsley & Company Kaliningrad Luxury Candle.

For the bathroom...

Play with the unexpected and the eccentric. As this tends to be the least-frequented area of the home, get creative and pick a hybrid fragrance that smells both invigorating and intriguing. Go for a jovial interplay of sweetness and spice with the Abode Aroma Ginger Pear Reed Diffuser.

For the bedroom...

Create a serene, calm mood conducive to unwinding, sleeping in your downtime retreat, or strive for citrusy scents to energise and awaken in the morning. For tranquility akin to that of an oriental, zen garden, strike a match on the Abode Aroma Green Tea White Pear Soy Candle. To invigorate your room, we’re prescribing the zesty vigour of an Abode Aroma Lemongrass Soy Candle.


As seasons change, so does your home. Spanning a rich palette of fragrances, our evocative range of Apsley and Company diffusers and candles can allow you to easily change or layer scents for any occasion, time of year, weather, or mood.


When Spring is in full bloom, strive for fresh, clean fragrances that promote an outdoorsy feel within the home. Fresh and evocative, the Abode Aroma Crisp White Linen Bevelled Crystal Diffuser will transport you to laying in clean, white sheets on a lazy springtime Sunday morning.


Summer calls for ocean mist fragrances redolent of a beach-house in the Hamptons, bringing the nostalgic whiff of sea salt under your roof. The Apsley and Company Santorini Luxury Candle is a dreamy burn to effortlessly turn your abode into a Grecian paradise, exuding all things European summer.


When crisp, crimson leaves start falling, it’s time to sub summer scents with warm, exotic, amber-rich fragrances, mingling syrupy, musky and fruity notes. The rich, intoxicating throw of an Aplsey & Company Amber Mahogany Bevelled Crystal Diffuser is just the thing to ease you into those cooler months.


Come winter, you’ll want to cocoon yourself and your guests with woody, smoky fragrances, conjuring the feeling of snuggling up beside a crackling fireplace. Radiating warmth and cosiness, the Scented Space Black Amber Candle is a hypnotic fusion of black amber, patchouli and musk that will imbue your home with an intense sense of comfort.

After uncovering all of the endless opportunities that fragrances allow in the home, we hope this final instalment of ‘The Architecture of Fragrance’ series has illustrated exactly how Apsley & Company’s signature scents can play diverse roles within your space.

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