Unwrapping the secrets of Adagio

Unwrapping the secrets of Adagio

‘Tis the season to usher Adagio into your abode. In celebration of the latest Apsley & Company fragrance collection, we’re dissecting this emulsion of design, decadence and dazzling decor. This limited edition Diffuser Set & Candle duo is here to emanate timeless luxury for the gift giving season and beyond. We’re inviting you to go offline for a while and relish the simple pleasures of the festive season with this range of perennial presents. To unravel the tale behind the treasure, we’re taking you on a trajectory of the Adagio fragrance journey. Enjoy.

Meaning matters

As they say, it’s all in the name. The suave, languid Italian word, Adagi o, translates to a musical monomer meaning slow in tempo. Understanding that the veil of fragrance is an imperative in creating a calm mood and relaxing atmosphere, the Adagio collection serves as the ultimate reminder to take time out, and retreat for a while, even in the oft-chaotic throes of Christmas time.

Incandescent inspiration

The cadre of our innovators birthed ‘Adagio’ after seeing shelves of beautiful glassware in a London-hailing Selfridges, the Mecca for all things luxury. The notion of ‘life long after the wick’ or beyond relishing that last drop of a diffuser guided Adagio’s development from vision to reality. Musings come in many forms, whether it be fashion, fare or fabulous destinations. But when it came to encapsulating the essence of ‘premium’ quality, we envisaged ourselves in the home that the Adagio fragrance would naturally exist in, to expertly pitch a considered brief to the perfumer. Then, an 18-month development process ensued.

Crafted with difference

The uniquely crafted vessels of both Adagio keepsakes, are made from two layers of glass, boasting crystal clear and opaque black offerings. An element of translucence was held paramount in Adagio’s creation, allowing candlelight to flicker through the diamond shafts of its exterior and to reveal how much liquid remains in the diffuser counterpart. These aesthetic considerations culminate in a collision of both contemporary and classic style.

When developing the range, a single vision was in mind; mass production is out, individualism is in. Consumers are growing ever-conscious of waste, trading ephemeral trends for long standing gems for their abode. This, combined with the burgeoning desire for more than just a bottle with reeds or glass with a lid, completely influenced the luxurious, handcrafted practicality of Adagio.

Love goes on

Adagio allows candle and diffuser lovers to reimagine their favourite fragrance time and time again in an afterlife as glassware, desk accessories or stylish bathroom organisation. This uncompromising focus on thoughtful consumption is bolstering in the fragrance field, along with the rise of slow fashion and minimising waste.

Diamond in the rough

In crafting Adagio’s intricate candle and diffuser vessels, we collaborated with renowned glassmakers specialising in this medium. With fewer young people wanting to engage in such a labour-intensive and meticulous practice, these glassmakers are growing increasingly rare. They masterfully cut the glass, decorate it entirely by hand, and skilfully use electrically-driven rotating abrasive wheels to etch artful patterns on the glass surface. Each piece is unique, thanks to this archaic, century-old artisan technique.


Trials and tribulations

When it came to distilling Adagio’s fragrance, intricacy was key. The vision was for it to smell like ‘liquid gold’, exuding smooth, intoxicating and luxurious warmth that envelops you like a cosy cashmere throw. Notes of neroli were added to refine – an increasing à la mode fragrance promising freshness and lightness to the richer notes of tonka and patchouli that are base notes in this fragrance. With a backdrop of bitter orange and cardamon, abundant notes of sandalwood and blossoming lavender, the romantic essence of Adagio will inspire you to clink glasses, unwind or entertain every time you enter the room.

Now that you’ve come on the journey to our most luxurious creation yet, carefully peruse your Nice List to plan thoughtful Christmas gifting. Award it under the mistletoe, nestle it below the Christmas tree or treasure it all to yourself. You can shop the full Adagio range here.

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