Selecting the perfect Home Fragrance for your Star Sign

Selecting the perfect Home Fragrance for your Star Sign

Astrology imbues our daily lives with an indisputable sense of assuredness, with our own zodiac identifiers either validating or contrasting our unique set of personality traits. Just like star signs, we believe there’s something intrinsic about finding your signature home fragrance. Whether you’re a fierce Leo or an intuitive Cancerian, the perfumes you naturally gravitate towards can be a reflection (and amplifier) of your astrological ties. If you reflexively flip to the very back of your favourite glossy to find the horoscope page, love the Co-Star app and religiously check your daily cosmic predictions (guilty), this is the horoscope-to-fragrance matchmaking guide for you.


Bold Aries rules over vibrant, red flowers like carnations and roses. If you fall under the first sign of the zodiac, it’s likely you’ll feel empowered by the black rose, violet and musk-laced notes of our Apsley & Company Halfeti Candle . A truly mesmerising and inviting addition to your space.


As the feminine, Venus-ruled sign of spring, Taurus aligns intensely with all floral fragrances, particularly favouring the rose. You will take delight in adorning your home with our Scented Space Velvet Rose Diffuser - unfurling with delicate violet, earthy sandalwood and sweet musk. With an astute eye for beauty, this romantic fragrance will leave any Taurus in admiration of it’s scent and beautiful vessel.


Gemini seeks to find structure and balance with these two opposing desires. Our Scented Space Lime Leaves Diffuser is an exotic fusion between base notes of leather and vetiver, with a contrasting citrus-led core. As lime, mandarin, lilac and caraway disperse, your typically restless energy will be indulged with perfumes of citrus-laden Italian sojourns.


Thriving on routine and loving nothing more than retreating to your haven, time spent revelling in the comfort of your own ‘shell’ is paramount and the addition of a warming, spicy fragrance is just the thing to make a cancerian feel at ease in their environment. Find solace in the cosy cocoon of our Abode Aroma Oriental Spice Diffuser  - a hypnotic medley of sandalwood, jasmine, ylang-ylang and bergamot.


An astrological lion, you are always oozing regal energy and wild expressivity. A tantalising mix of neroli, lime zest and vetiver, our Apsley & Company Reykjavik Luxury Candle is redolent of Iceland's bold and awe-inducing landscapes. Forge your own roaring space with this captivating scent in a striking, one of a kind hand-blown glass vessel.


For Virgos, waters run deep. You are an intensely emotional individual who is right in tune with the nuances of human nature. Indecision can stifle you, but unboxing the Abode Aroma Angelica Citron Crystal Diffuser will help ease your obsessive tendencies and infuse your space with a lime, coriander and soul-lifting zen.


Falling under the Libra zodiac sign, you will be innately drawn to beauty, symmetry and harmony, seeking to strike a balance in every facet of life - including the home. A lush entanglement of pink rose, musk, sandalwood and bergamot, our Scented Space White Lily Diffuser will transport you somewhere calm and blossom-laden. The perfect addition to your home haven.


Behind a notoriously hard exterior lies the deeply loyal and intense character of a Scorpio. You connect with spellbinding, spicy fragrances that mirror this evocative and distinct reputation. Revere the sumptuous veil of green berries, geranium, red rose, amber and cedar wood after striking a match on our comforting Scented Space Vetiver Woods candle.


Energy and curiosity are the pillars of a true Sagittarius’ personality. Bursting with sparkling citrus, peach and vanilla, the effervescent blaze of our Apsley & Company Vesuvius Candle will help set your adventurous tendencies ablaze.


The Capricorn zodiac sign rules over a host of darker perfumes. Embrace the amber-rich throw of our Abode Aroma Amber Mahogany Crystal diffuser , woven with violet and tonka beans. The infamous taskmaster of the zodiac, Capricorns can find a welcomed break (or desk-side source of indulgence) with this comforting and warming scent.


Eccentric, independent and fabulously spontaneous, Aquarians will draw inspiration from our Apsley & Company Santorini Candle. You’re a self-confessed stargazer that will harness these whimsical notes of patchouli and black pepper in your home.


Pisces will rejoice at the seaside cocktail of green apple, pear, and orange in our Scented Space Azura Candle . After all of your altruistic moves of late, it’s time to take a minute to treat yourself and let the rolling waves of aquatic bliss consume you.

The stars have spoken. We truly hope this astrological fragrance guide has inspired you to try a new scent you’ve been mulling over, restock an old favourite or fall in love with something totally unexpected best suited to you. Enjoy!

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