Behind The Fragrance: The Scent of Wood

Behind The Fragrance: The Scent of Wood

Oozing rich warmth, smokiness and a comforting depth, wood is our favoured fragrance family for winter. Paired with the flickering flame of a candle, wood scents immerse you in earthiness and mystery, keeping you cosy throughout the cooler days and nights. Wrapped up in your favourite blanket on a Friday evening, the aromatic scent of woody aromatic scents complete a sense of unparalleled comfort.

The true beauty of wood based fragrances is found in its broad profile, in which many sharp and lingering scents reside. Each note will ground you deeply in comfort and nature, reminiscent of wandering through a beautiful, calm and peaceful forest. Although the hustle and bustle of everyday life often means we abstain from such journeys, our sense of smell can certainly whisk our mind away, wherever we may be.

The greatest defining features of woody scents will completely enchant you. Experience rich and powerful aromas like Oudh, the subtle sweetness of cedarwood, the creaminess of sandalwood and the warmth of amber. Sharper and earthier notes come alive when added to leather and oakmoss, along with the intoxicating darkness of patchouli.

So, how can woody fragrances and their many unique characteristics, pervade your home this winter? We have journalled scents for you to not only explore, but pair with your warm decor pieces and jewelled colour palettes, exuding luxury and deep comfort. Our type of winter wonderland.

To begin our musings - survey amber scents for richness and warmth. Derived from fossilised resin found in ancient forests, our candles and diffusers embody and capture amber’s deepest essence. To invite dreamy amber notes into your space, we recommend our Abode Aroma Crystal Amber Mahogany Diffuse r or De La Terre Royale Ambre candle. For a touch of sophistication and romance, our Scented Space Black Amber diffuser is the perfect selection.

If sharper, complex and earthier aromas intrigue your senses, seek scents with notes of vetiver, to rejuvenate your abode. Extracted from a perennial grass that is native to tropical Asia, vetiver is known to be deeply calming. Our Scented Space Vetiver Woods diffuser and candle is a stunning option for harnessing these properties and adding a richness to your humble space.

Winter calls for warmth in every aspect, including the feeling of snuggling up to your special someone. Adding floral notes to wood elements embodies a subtle, yet undeniable, air of romance. Scented Space’s Velvet Rose Diffuser and Candle creates an aroma of love and adoration in any space. Or, perhaps it’s the more exotic side of wood that would better suit your home aesthetic. This kind of luxury oozes within the Apsley and Company’s Kaliningrad luxury candle. Inspired by enticing faraway locations, it showcases a unique fusion of the depths of nature with more than a hint of glamour.

No matter which notes of the woody fragrance family best suits your space, it’s clear that once you experience the warming and grounding aspects of the woody aromas, you’ll wonder how you ever traversed winter without its deep touch. Scent is the grand finale in your space, so create a warming and inviting ambience this winter, and adore your abode that little bit more.

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