Distilling the Diffuser: a journey through the development of our new Apsley and Company Luxury Diffuser Range

Distilling the Diffuser: a journey through the development of our new Apsley and Company Luxury Diffuser Range

Grounded in expert artisanship, steeped in inspiration and curated to offer a range that boasts variety and style, our Apsley and Company Luxury Diffusers are a project of love. From crafting the perfect vase to enveloping homes in irrevocable memories of fragrance, each diffuser has an intrinsic story to tell. Today, we’re unravelling the development of our luxury home fragrance diffusers from idea to execution, delving behind-the-scenes to unveil the genesis of your signature fragrances.

Finding our niche

An outpour of demand following our Luxury Candles sparked fervour in the Apsley and Company headquarters. Previously, we’d sensed that a candle lover tends to recoil from using diffusers through habit, and vice versa. Striving to flip this narrative swiftly made its way to the top of our creative agenda, and we embarked on a mission to promote the harmonious co-existence of both our luxury candles and diffusers in the home.

Bringing our diffusers to life

Once determining a lustrous and sustainable mouth-blown glass vessel to cradle our fragrances, we sent a hoard of sketches to our factory and waited restlessly for that initial  prototype. With many meticulous eyes, scrutinising hands and contagiously creative discussions passing over the initial designs, we decided to make alterations in both the neck size and height of the diffuser vase. Tangibly, we were led by shape, angular lines and the propensity for the merchandising of each product. Thickness was paramount to ensure our diffusers complemented our Luxury candles and to promote the effortless splay of those all-important, scent-casting reed. 

As we turned our attention to executing the perfect fragrances, we needed to modify our candle perfume base to be equally evocative and alluring when executed as a diffuser. Luckily, our team of highly skilled, and talented perfumers ensured this process was a triumph. 

One of a kind

Our team place a crucial onus on the differentiation of our diffusers. Each luxury vessel is distinct, never to be confused with another counterpart. Our vision? To conjure pieces that were bespoke, premium, staggeringly beautiful and simultaneously functional. For that bohemian, summer-centric feel, we reach for our classical tortoiseshell line, and when a modern-minimalist trend defines a home, we turn to black and white hues for edge and opulence.

Harnessing inspiration

Born from our team’s enduring wanderlust, our Luxury Diffusers were naturally named in tribute to some of our favourite corners of the globe. Crafting a narrative behind each diffuser allows us to bolster the fragrance itself, the carefully designed vessel and the time, place or feeling it evokes. From perusing international and national markets, we’d gauged a burgeoning desire for more than ‘just a candle with a lid’. Sustainability and waste minimisation were at the forefront of our consumers’ minds, so we knew it was crucial to create something truly beautiful and everlasting, to be loved time and time again. 

To satiate a whole spectrum of desires, it was apparent that our Luxury Diffuser range needed to appeal to a tapestry of tastes. From here, we began to identify fragrance families that we knew had the most appeal, constructed a brief for our perfumers, and outlined the experiences we seek to spark. For example, the uplifting, joyful and effervescent fragrance of ‘Vesuvius’ is rife with bursting citrus notes, erupting like a blazing volcano. 

Each Luxury Diffuser exists as a storyteller evoking deeply emotional responses, from the tangible allure of a vase to the deeply powerful addition of scent. We hope that through retracing our steps from the pending release of our new range to where the initial idea sparked, you’ve gained an even deeper understanding of the fragrance adorning your home. 

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