Winter escapism. Gallivant the globe without leaving your home sanctuary

Winter escapism. Gallivant the globe without leaving your home sanctuary

Not globetrotting the world this chilly season? Not to worry! We’ve found the ultimate remedy to cure all of your mid-year travel envy. Whilst keeping your feet firmly on the ground, you can opt for delicious and all-encompassing escapism via our range of exotic fragrances. Forget booking the plane tickets and instead, pour yourself something delicious and steamy (or tall and red) and get ready to embark on a sensory journey, from the comfort of your home. 

For a snow retreat

Chalets and shiraz would go down a treat right now. If getting cosy by a crackling fire after descending majestic snow-capped slopes sounds like your ideal break from your weekly routine, it’s time to employ the hypnotically intoxicating Apsley And Company Halfeti Luxury Candle. For that post-skiing afternoon treat? The gourmand fragrances of our Apsley and Company Kaliningrad Luxury Candle will give the illusion of something perpetually baking in the oven. Reminiscent to the Russian province of Kaliningrad, you’ll revel in a blissful swirl of ambergris, pink peppercorns and cedar wood before succumbing to sweet dreams of travel.

For a Countryside affair

Provincial, countryside bliss on your agenda? Indulge in a leaf-rustling veil of citrus and foliage with our Abode Aroma Olive Grove soy wax candle. Married with delicious tangs of blackcurrant, this bucolic slice of countryside living will throw perfume reminiscent of undulating hills and lush greenery.

For a Grecian getaway

Whether it’s the unravelling of hidden laneways onto salty shores, or the tumbling horizons of white rooftops, there’s something unequivocally magical about the Greek Isles. Cradled in a lustrous yet sustainable artisan, mouth blown vessel, our intoxicating Apsley and Company Santorini Luxury Candle will have you seeing visions of peachy pink sunsets. Marrying the aquatic perfumes of black pepper and patchouli, this fragrance is redolent of late nights, awe-inducing views and pebbled beaches. Take us there now.

For an ode to somewhere oriental

For tranquility akin to that of a zen garden, strike a match on our Abode Aroma Oriental Spice Candle this winter. After unwinding after a long day of work, embrace this hypnotic fusion of sandalwood, jasmine, ylang-ylang and bergamot. No need for long flights - floating lotus flowers, mouth watering delicacies and cherry blossom trees are all but an unboxing away.

For a stint to the Mediterranean Sea

Our Scented Space Azura Candle will instantly transport you to sandy coastlines and balmy sunsets, washed down with fluorescent aperol spritzes. When the winter blues feel close to crippling, this is like a  remedial deep breath of seaside air. For a holiday cocktail of fragrance, filled with green apple, pear, orange and ozone, we’re prescribing this oceanic treat this winter.

For a venture into the wild

When the commotion of city life, cold morning commutes and crowded trains grows tiresome, lift the lid on the Scented Space Vetiver Woods candle . A sensual and earthy scent, this intoxicating fragrance throw will envelop your space in a seriously sumptuous warmth. You’ll feel like you’re retreating to a charming cabin in the woods, complete with fluffy quilt blankets, splintering, high timber ceilings and marshmallows melting by the fire.

Feeling nostalgic of faraway places? We hope that when the winter blues begin to emerge, you can reach for your favourite fragrance for an international indulgence in the comfort of your own home. Laced with delicious notes of travel, storytelling and relaxation, our scents are the ultimate go-to for curing those chilly season cases of wanderlust. Explore our full range here .

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