How To Care For Your Crystal

How To Care For Your Crystal

“Simplicity Creates Tranquillity”

Okay, we admit it, we are just a little obsessed with our Abode Aroma Crystal Home Fragrance Collection which combine clean, crisp, timeless designs with beautiful fragrance.

Abode Aroma Crystal Candle and Room Diffuser

Abode Aroma Crystal Candle and Room Diffuser

For this range, we craft beautiful aromatic diffusers, soy wax candles, room mists and decorative pieces - perfect as a treat for yourself or a loved one. Our bevelled crystal glass vessels are made by skilled artisans who have a real knowledge and passion for the crystal glass making and designing process. Inspired by the geometric forms and hypnotic sunray reflections beheld in Art Décor designs, Abode Aroma is for those who love the colour of life.

So, why crystal?

The name ‘crystal’ is derived from the Italian term ‘Cristallo’ which was used for high-end hand-blown glass in Murano, Italy. We were drawn to crystal for its association with sophistication and its incredible clarity, strength and sense of luxury.

We’ve previously done a blog ‘Why Is Crystal Oh So Special’ to explain the differences between standard glass and crystal but thought we’d highlight a few of this material’s characteristics specific to Abode Aroma

Characteristics of our Crystal Collection

Abode Aroma Cybus Crystal Ingot Fragrance Diffuser and Presentation Tray
Abode Aroma Cybus Crystal Ingot Fragrance Diffuser and Presentation Tray
  • Crystal’s strong structure allows our talented artisans to mould the Abode Aroma pieces into art deco inspired shapes and create clean crisp edges
  • We love the weight of our Abode Aroma crystal pieces. From our 450g Cybus Crystal Tealight Holders   to our Abode Aroma Cybus Maximillian Hurricane Vase which comes in at an impressive 8.35kg! 
  • The Abode Aroma bevelled crystal pieces have a silvery appearance and feel warm to the touch, but they also have another unique quality. The bevelling creates a prism refracts light providing an alluring spectrum of colours and highlighting the glasswork quality

Caring For Your Crystal

Abode Aroma Cybus Maximillian Hurricane/Vase
Abode Aroma Cybus Maximillian Hurricane/Vase

Now you know just how precious crystal is, it’s important to also know how to care for it:

    • Avoid Sunlight - Avoid placing your crystal vessel in direct sunlight, it can reflect the sun’s rays & scorch nearby walls or furniture. We always advise you not to place candles or diffusers in the sun anyway as it affects their appearance, performance & longevity
    • Keep It Cool - Crystal is susceptible to temperature variations, sudden temperature change may cause cracking
    • Keep It Smooth - Avoid contact with hard or abrasive materials
    • Forget The Whitegoods - Crystal is a traditional soul. Do not put it in the microwave, dishwasher, oven or freezer
    • Avoid Dripping Wax - When using our taper candle holders do not secure the candles with molten wax or allow them to burn out to the end. If wax adheres to the candle holder, clean gently with denatured alcohol (ethanol)
    • Keeping It Clean - When cleaning the vessel always handwash separately in warm water & mild soap with a soft sponge or cloth. Do not use boiled or cold water & don’t leave it to soak. Rinse the glassware thoroughly & dry with a lint-free cloth or air dry, preventing any risk of scratching or damage
    • Remember To Reuse - Crystal glass cannot be recycled due to the addition of minerals so remember to reuse your vessels with our Abode Aroma Candle Refills Abode Aroma Diffuser Refills and we have a set of 9 Crisp White Linen Cybus Crystal Tealight Candles to be used with the Cybus Crystal Tealight Holders .  The pieces are designed to live in your home in a new form – be it a posy vase or stylish jar for makeup brushes, bathroom essentials and more. Perhaps display the new home accessory additions on our stylish Crystal Presentation Tray to add grandeur to the presentation of these luxury décor piece
    • Removing The Final Wax Chunks - When removing the final chunks of wax, so you can repurpose the candle holder, we recommend carefully using a teaspoon and washing as above. For ideas of what you can do with your vessels take a look at our blog ‘Earth Day, How Can We Help?’

Now you know just how special crystal is, and how to look after it so it becomes a much-loved and lifelong addition to you home, we invite you to create an instant ambience in grand style with our home scent range and exceptional art pieces. The timeless designs will add a touch of glamour to any home whilst filling it with the most luxurious fragrances.

Visit our Abode Aroma Crystal Home Fragrance Collection at   

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