Why is crystal oh so special

Why is crystal oh so special

Our crystal home fragrance range is created with the finest, Art Décor inspired, cut crystal glassware. From our home scent ranges to our exceptional art pieces the Abode Aroma® Crystal collection is designed to create a luxury style statement. Hand-cut & polished by master glass cutters, the incredible attention to detail and finishing makes these coveted crystal pieces perfect for enhancing any décor style.

The crystal pieces are bevelled which adds another element of elegance and intrigue. The glass is skilfully cut at an angle creating a prism that refracts light, providing an alluring spectrum of colours and showcasing the glasswork quality.

So what makes crystal oh so special?

The History of Crystal 

It is thought the first attempt to make ordinary glass was in Egypt around 4000 years ago. Over time, in an endeavour to imitate nature, man began making a new form of glass (now called ‘crystal’) by adding metals to change the character of the glass. Lead was found to be the most successful of these additives. 

From the mid-eighteenth century, cut crystal glass was most popular in the UK and Europe. Here in Australia we caught on to basic glass making it in the late 19th century and by the 1920’s we were producing blown, pressed and crystal cut glass by manufacturers in Sydney.

Glassware was originally created for practical reasons but in the modern world it is no longer a simple drinking vessel. It has almost become a piece of art, an expression of style and a way to heighten an

experience or special occasion.

The Science Bit 

Crystal is renowned for being more refined than your traditional glassware and there is good reason for this. Crystal and glass are composed of different materials. Glass is simply made from liquified glass whereas crystal is set apart with something known as flint glass which is formed with lead content instead of calcium content. The addition of lead oxide creates a higher level of refraction as it separates light much more than regular glass. Crystal also lends itself to greater shine and more intricate decorative designs

So, how can you tell the difference?

Here’s a little checklist to help you check between crystal and glass –

  1. In close-up – This takes a keen and vigilant eye. Inspect the sharpness or smoothness of the cut. The smoother it is the more likely it is to be crystalware. An easier way to differentiate is to compare the rim’s depth – crystal glass has a narrower rim than conventional glassware
  2. Let the sunshine in – hold the glass under a light or the sun’s rays. If it’s crystal the glassware will refract the light, very much like a prism
  3. Weighing it up – compare the weight of glasses. Crystal glass will be heavier than a similarly sized normal glass
  4. It’s all about the ding! – glass will make an almost clunking noise whereas crystal has a delicate reverberated dinging sound. So next time you raise a toast you’ll soon know if you’ve got the ‘real thing’ or not
  5. And the sing! – you can also lightly run a wet finger around the glass rim. If it’s crystal, you will hear a subtle sing from the rim. For extra fun line up a few glasses holding different water levels – you can create your own musical masterpiece

Despite the delicate ringing sound crystal produces, it is strong and durable with a curious warmth to the touch. It has a silvery appearance enhanced by cutting designs into the glass.

Our Abode Aroma Crystal and Cybus collections are crafted by skilled artisans with a real knowledge and passion for the crystal glass making and designing process, ensuring we provide you with the finest quality crystal pieces.

 We invite you to experience home fragrance diffusion in grand style.

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