Lifting the lid on the secrets behind our latest collection: De la Terre

Lifting the lid on the secrets behind our latest collection: De la Terre

We’ve opened nature’s perfumed curtain on a new era of premium home fragrance. Our Abode Aroma De la Terre collection pauses to capture the very essence of Mother Earth and the beginning of time. The collection showcases three earth inspired fragrances, that are delicately poured into a glass jar and sealed with a stunning handmade resin lid. Each candle is designed to uplift, down-wind or simply add an air of luxury to your place of sanctuary.

The Inspiration

When developing our latest candle collection, a single image was envisaged: molten lava bubbling up from the earth's core. From here, the name was born: De la Terre (translating to “o f the earth” in French). We set out to create a range that embodied a natural, raw sensation that exuded from their scent down to their jars.

Embarking on extensive field research exploring exotic locations and market trends, we observed an emerging favour toward earthy colours and textures, often paired with raw finishes, and a hint of tribal flair. All that was left was to extract these earthly characteristics, and cultivate them into the refined and exquisite product our brand is renowned for.

As we explored ways to translate these textures into our fragrances, we found inspiration to envelope each unique vessel and decided to encase our unique vision in the natural, earthy texture of a classic and premium french linen. Each linen cylinder case can further serve Mother Earth by being repurposed and/or recycled and live on in a new form throughout your humble abode.

The Journey

They say it’s not the destination, but the journey, and our journey stretched 12 months. The search began with finding someone that could not only craft incredible resin pieces with unique characteristics and textures, but who could create them in a consistent shape. The process requires liquid resin to be poured into a handmade mould, and for the piece to then be hand polished. Creating a lid with absolute perfect dimensions - those that could fit our glass candle jars - was an incredibly challenging feat for our team.

In moments of defeat we would think back to our original inspiration to encapsulate and reflect the beauty of the earth, and just like Mother Earth, we nurtured this vision. Working meticulously with our manufacturing team, we were able to achieve consistent dimensions and present our customers with an item that was strikingly different from anything else on the market. A truly unique and world first range.

The Aromas

Preferences when it comes to scent are intensely personal. With our sense of smell dictating roughly 75% of our emotions, opinions and memories, it would be an impossible task to create a scent that would appeal to all. So we set out to create three distinct fragrances in the De la Terre collection: Royale Ambre , Oudh Noir and Fleur Blanc . Each aroma is rooted in a different fragrance family.

We sought a warm, all embracing cosy scent that would be welcoming and inviting in its scent throw – this was our Royale Ambre . From here, we explored something more exotic and a little oriental with a scent that remained with you long after you’d left your space – meet Oud Noir . We then closed our eyes and saw a vivid garden full of white flowers, asking ourselves what flower is so intoxicating that it keeps pulling you back to embrace it again and again – and that was our beautiful gardenia in Fleur Blanc.

Once the fragrances were determined, we sought to finalise the colour of the glass and resin vessels. The scents significantly directed the shades of the packaging, tinted to match the aroma’s decadent and sophisticated diffusion. For Royal Ambre , we naturally chose an amber resin lid to combine the sparkling floral notes of amber, orchid and water lily. The Oudh Noir candle has been paired with a graphite resin lid, embracing the musky, warm and evocative notes of oud and myrrh, with lush and sweet vanilla notes from the tonka bean. For Fleur Blanc , an alabaster resin lid opens to release the rich and incomparable essences of gardenia, jasmine and musk.

The exploration of this primitive trio has left us feeling deeply connected with nature's elements, and we offer a gentle reminder to pause and take a deep breath of the autumn air this season. As crisp, crimson leaves start falling, it’s the perfect opportunity to replace fresh summer scents with warm, exotic and rich fragrances, and we can’t go past the De la Terre Royal Ambre candle for fall. But no matter the scent you favour, we hope this collection allows a seamless transition into the cooler, cosier months with a warm tea and an inviting candle alight.

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