5 Ways To Spruce Your Home For Spring

5 Ways To Spruce Your Home For Spring

Streaming sunshine. Unfurling bouquets of freshly cut blooms. Long Sunday strolls in the fresh air.  These are just a few of the glorious promises of spring. Thawing out from the arctic blast of winter and embracing the new season is also the perfect excuse to reawaken your home. To encourage you to get your spring clean started, we’ve jotted down five ways to uplift, indulge and reimagine home living this season.

Strip the bed

Shed your sheets, duvets and pillows for a new, lighter and brighter layer of crisp comfort. We’re besotted with the foliage and pastel bedspreads in Kip & Co’s new range. Playing with daring, technicolour new prints and swapping velvet textures for playful tassels or pom-poms could be just the facelift your bedroom is longing for. Harsh winter days can cause havoc on your skin, so why not start the new season with a refreshed nighttime routine? A silk pillowcase is the ultimate finishing touch to establish a better sleeping routine and does absolute wonders for your skin, all the while adding an element of elegance to your bed. Once the new foundations are down, spritz your bedding with our new Botanical Linen Sprays for a burst of delicious fragrance. Our pick for truly sweet slumbers? The captivating bliss of our ‘White Tea Lavender’ scent. Combining dreamy tonka bean, French lavender and crisp white tea leaves, this fragrance will whisk you away to dreamland in an instant.

Turn over a new leaf

Beginning to see the blooming buds of spring is one of the new season’s most uplifting perks. Coupled with sunshine, the reinvigorating mood of the warmer months brings a whole new host of golden, ray-laden corners in the home to pepper with greenery. Ferns, cacti, succulents and palms can blanket dust-strewn benches and tables in an outdoors-meets-indoors vibe. Wanting to flex your green thumb? DIY terrariums can be a creative and fun way to canvas a freshly minted touch of life in your haven. Plant sales constantly crop up on the Melbourne and Sydney lifestyle scene, so why not schedule in a coffee and shopping date at your local nursery with your girlfriend on your next free, sun-doused morning? To cradle your new recruits? Australian homewares stalwart Jones & C o has the most whimsically designed planters on offer to swoon over. Finally, to perpetuate the evergreen feeling, we’re striking a match on the Abode Aroma Olive Grove Candle . This delicious rustle of rosemary, verbena, lilac, olive, patchouli and sandalwood will turn your home into an abundant, Mediterranean orchard. Divine.

Dream yourself a fresh wardrobe

It’s time to retire the puffer jackets, thermals and turtleneck knits for some floaty transitional pieces. In reconfiguring your wardrobe’s layout, you’ll unearth sartorial staples from last year as well as highlighting gaps that demand a shopping spree. We can easily (and accidentally) grow an expansive and overstuffed closet over the cooler months, so the meticulous art of the ‘Spring Clean’ will fend off hoarding habits from your winter den. Cobwebs and woollen coats - be gone! After clearing some space, mist a cleansing veil of our Scented Space Green Tea Botanical Room Spray for a fresh fix of zesty bergamot and white jasmine. And if you’re after a definitive and comprehensive lowdown on perfecting that capsule spring wardrobe, we suggest sponging up The Anna Edit’s blog and YouTube videos.

Live life in colour

Nothing feels more energising than a fresh kiss of colour in a tired space. If walking through your bare-walled halls feels lumbering or lacklustre, strategise ways of introducing some kaleidoscopic colour into the home. Maybe it’s a print you’ve been hiding from an overseas jaunt, or there’s something awe-inducing waiting for you in Greenhouse Interiors ’collection of incredible Australian artists. Colour can also be introduced in quirky pieces like this Sage X Clare ‘Nudie Rudie’ bath mat, or a pastel SMEG kettle added to the kitchen bench. To further illuminate your room, we’re prescribing the zesty vigour of our Abode Aroma Lemongrass Diffuser, packaged in a sunkissed yellow box. This crisp, refreshing and vibrant fragrance combining bergamot, lemongrass and jasmine will instantly transform and uplift any space.

Streamline your space

Eliminate clutter by taking a fine-tooth comb through each room of your humble abode. As you transition into a new season, it’s time to discard old magazine stacks, repurpose empty candle vessels to hold fresh blooms, move unnecessary side-tables and any other cluttering ephemera. Storage baskets can be a welcomed antidote to the piles of miscellaneous ‘things’. Our favourite? These stylish seagrass offerings from Country Road .

While you’re awakening a room from its winter malaise, declutter the accumulation of old scents wafting through the home. For your living space, revel in the veritable bouquet of blossoms, ylang-ylang, potent peach and white musk by spritzing our Scented Space Botanical Room Spray in White Lily - just the thing to tide you over until the first market stint of the season. And replace your bedside table fragrance with an aroma reminiscent of white rooftops, crashing waves & hidden laneways. Our Santorini Luxury diffuser is a calming melange of aquatic perfumes, black pepper and patchouli. Prepare for dreams of Grecian sojourns with this indulgent fragrance.

Verdant additions to your living space, intoxicating room sprays and crisp, new linen are just the beginning of Spring’s seasonal perks. We hope you’re feeling a home renaissance coming on. Remember: strive for colour, seek to declutter and hero the return of that luscious sunshine streaming through your windows.

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