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Scented Candles Sydney

Create an exceptional haven with the strike of a match on our vault of luxury candles, and melting away with the wax, will be the stresses of mundane life. Morph your expanse and exceed your horizons, with Apsley and Company's candles in Sydney, designed to transit consciousness into a whirlwind of possibilities with the waltz of a waft.

Apsley and Company candles are made with traditional European methods, where each candle is hand-poured into lustrous glass jars by our skilled perfumers.

Our collection is formulated with premium botanical soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and transformative perfumes, abiding by a no animal testing policy, to make masterpieces with a social conscience, allowing you to journey with fragrances as exquisite as the fresh notes of Japanese Kabuso, blended with crispy lemony verbena to create a refreshing, zesty scent- the epitome of freshness.

Additionally, our vases and glass jars are not mass-produced, but made in small batches, and carefully crafted- made to be recycled and loved all over again as an ornate decorative touch to invigorate an empty corner.

With our handpicked and carefully curated candle range in Sydney, the possibilities are endless.
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