Getting Your Home Summer Ready

Getting Your Home Summer Ready

It feels like an eternity but Spring has officially sprung! Gone are the cold wet chilly days, the drab dark winter nights and that incessant need to hunker down. We can now look forward to longer days, the sun’s warmth on our skin and the beauty of nature in full bloom.

Why not celebrate by refreshing and revitalising your living space. In a few simple ways you can soon make you and your home ‘Summer Ready’.

Time To Get Practical

1. De-clutter

By decluttering each room, not only will you clear your home but you will also clear some headspace. There are so many ways to declutter but whichever you go for, before you start it’s always good to have a plan of attack. Here at Apsley and Company we like to use the Four Box Method – ‘Trash’, ‘Giveaway’, ‘Keep’, ‘Relocate’. As Marie Kondo says – “Does this spark joy?” If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it”. If you can’t be ruthless, get help from a friend of family member!

2. Spring Clean

Nobodies favourite job but it really will freshen up your space ready for guests and summer BBQ’s:

  • Wash the walls, floors and windows
  • Go through your cupboards, throwing away expired food
  • Defrost your freezer and clear space for your favourite frozen treats
  • Move your furniture around, it will give you a whole new perspective of your space & may even improve the way you and your family do the things you love doing in the house
  • Double check your air conditioning units and fans are clean for maximum ventilation & to avoid circulating dust and allergens
  • Get BBQ season ready by cleaning your hotplates, checking the gas and making sure it all works safely
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, get the pool cleaner out, check the jets and ensure your safety fencing is doing its job
  • Mow the lawn, cutback hedges, hose the decking, perk up your outdoor furniture
  • Add some dreamy outdoor lights & scented candles to transform the summer nights into something magical.

Time To Get Creative

1. Bringing The Garden Into Your Home

An obvious one we know, but it really does help bring the beauty of summer indoors! Not only does greenery add to the aesthetics but will also improve indoor air quality. Flowers, from a single statement flower to a large bouquet, will add colour & fragrance to your home.

If gardening isn’t your thing, go for easy maintenance plants that thrive indoors. For that extra ‘summer je ne sais quoi’ go for decorative planters and vases to add colour and an element of design to your space

2. Boost Your Mood with Colour

New season, new colours, new you! Boost your mood with a splash of colour - there are so many shades, patterns and textures to choose from so why not have a play with soft furnishings, wall covering & home accessories.

Warm Colours – Reds, oranges, yellows & pinks are immediately energising with their bright & cheery tones

Cooling Shades – Greens, blues & purples have a more calming quality making the space restful, a place to unwind & destress 

Natural Balance – Browns, greys & whites are the perfect option for a room you don’t want to make a statement. They can vary in warmth and can be enhanced with brighter coloured accents

3. Restyle Your Consoles, Coffee Tables & Cabinets

Mix up your home dressing style by bringing in the summer vibes. Add scented candles, glass coasters, coastal accessories, summer-themed hard cover books. Use woven baskets, bamboo fittings, natural wood carvings, ceramic pottery. On the wall hang a large mirror to add light to a corner; hang framed pictures of beaches, relaxing landscapes or tropical islands; or for a bit of fun, create a hat wall with a line-up of your favourites – Boater’s, Fedora’s, Panama’s ….

4. Keep Your Space Light & Airy

Swap out thick blankets for light throws, dark cosy bedding for light & bright sheets, heavy blinds for billowing voiles. Choose prints that give out the ‘summer feels’ – exotic, wild jungle, tropicana, bohemian, nautical – whatever best suits the vibe you are wanting to create

5. The Scent of Summer

Scent plays a huge part in the transformation of indoor spaces. For the new season, infuse your home with aromas that bring the ‘Summer Feels’. Whether that be fun, relaxed, fresh, floral or fruity it’s easy to create through the power of home fragrancing. 

Not only will new scents refresh your home they will also reinvigorate or sooth you, depending on what you go for – lavender, lemon, peppermint, amber, peach – each fragrance will bring an individual majesty of mood changing energy.  Here’s a few suggestions to help you on your way to creating a fragrant indoor summer.

Citrus Boost

Apsley Vesuvius Luxury 230ml Diffuser - Uplifting and effervescent, Vesuvius is bursting with notes of sparkling citrus, peach and vanilla, filling your space with fragrance with the power of an erupting volcano.

Floral Heaven

Abode Aroma Gardenia Pearl Bevelled Crystal Diffuser – Intoxicatingly beautiful hyacinth combines with a heady symphony of lilac, star jasmine and muguet to create a truly heart achingly bouquet of dreamy white flowers.

A Time To Chill

Scented Space Lavender Citrus 200ml Reed Diffuser – Your dreams of a lavender-laden fragrance, reminiscent of undulating hills in Provence, is the unboxing of a room perfume away. Delicately floral and comforting, you can expect bouts of lemon, freesia cassis and tonka beans unfurling from this effortlessly parfait perfume

Seaside Vibes

Apsley Santorini 2.4kg Luxury Decorator Candle - Transform your space into an aquatic haven with our fragrant ode to Santorini. As you embrace the dreamy marine top notes, intertwined with patchouli and hints of black pepper, sit back and be taken on a refreshing coastal walk

Sunset Dreams

Scented Space Azura 200ml Reed Diffuser - Reminiscent of sandy coastlines and balmy sunsets, this fragrance is best washed down with glowing aperol spritzes. A remedial deep breath of seaside air, this holiday cocktail of fragrance is steeped in green apple, pear, orange and ozone. We can almost hear waves crashing. 

Fresh & Clean

Abode Aroma Crisp White Linen Bevelled Crystal Candle - Fresh drifts of white lily and posies of ylang ylang blooms are enlivened with luscious servings of peach, red apple and citrus leaves to form a liberating perfume that dances on a soft ozonic pillow of musk and summer jasmine.

Italian Escapes

Scented Space Lime Leaves 200ml Reed Diffuser – An exotic fusion synonymous with balmy Italian summer nights, this divine diffuser is fresh, inviting & uplifting with its base notes of leather and vetiver topped with a citrus-centric burst. Inhale serendipitous perfumes of lime, mandarin, lilac and caraway that whisk you to the fruit cart laden streets of Positano. 

Stormy Summer Nights

Apsley Tempest Luxury Candle 400g - An exquisite fragrance that captures the essence of the storm just as the lightning show begins. Fragrance notes of blackcurrant, bergamot & cedarwood.

The Great Outdoors

Scented Space Black Amber Reed Diffuser 100ml – Inspired by the majesty and mystery of the Black Forest nature abounds with this enchanting fragrance. Springboard into woodsy adventures with a hypnotic creation of black amber, patchouli and musk.

If you are all set for getting ‘summer ready’ visit our website for more fragrant inspiration.

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