There’s no shirking it, lockdown is proving to be a shocker. Daily motivation is tough to find and it’s easy to slip into the nothingness mode! But determined not to be defeated, we have put together a few ideas to help pull us all out of those feelings of nonexistence.

Stick To A Routine

Try to keep to a basic routine. Get up when you normally would and go to sleep at your usual time. If you disrupt your sleep pattern, your body clock is affected which can impact your mood. Plus, at some point we will return to normality, that alarm clock will need to be set and you will have deadlines to meet once again.

Stay in Touch

Combat any feelings of isolation by making the most of smartphones and tablets. Use them to connect with your loved ones to catch-up, share an online coffee or hold a quiz night, simply have a laugh.

It’s also important to check in with the people you live with. You might think “but I’m with them 24/7” – in reality though, are you? How often do you actually sit down and chat? Make the time to talk about how you’re all feeling, be aware of help someone might need, make some form of plan for the following day, play a game together

Avoid News Overload

Being informed is one thing, but getting obsessed is another! Constantly tuning in to social media and newsfeeds isn’t necessarily healthy, so set yourself a daily scrolling limit. Be wary of ‘fake news’ by getting information from trustworthy sources. If the world feels overwhelming, take a break from it!

Keep A Fresh Mind With A Fresh View

Lockdown can make you feel demotivated, groggy and lethargic. A refreshing walk (within Government guidelines) will get the blood flowing around your body and re-awaken your mind. As you walk take in your surroundings, notice those things you would normally be blinkered to – wildlife, flowers, architecture, nature’s colours, people around you (at a safe social distance of course!!!)

Give Yourself Some ‘Happy’

During moments of lethargy the last thing we want to do is move BUT exercising releases endorphins which helps ease stress, anxiety and improves your mindset. Go for a walk around the block, do a home workout and give yourself a bit of happy the natural way, and for free!

Indoor Oasis

If you don’t have green open spaces around you, or mobility is difficult, create your indoor oasis. De-clutter your space, surround yourself with indoor plants, order a beautiful botanical print, treat yourself to a new cushion or three!

Healthy Eating

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to fall into the habit of eating ‘comfort food’ to get through this. We’re the first to admit our hands easily slip into a bag of chips to accompany the large glass of wine we’ve seemingly poured – BUT we all need some balance. Try to eat regular meals, choose healthy snacks, perhaps even become adventurous with your cooking repertoire, and find new recipes you can try. If you’ve got kids, get them involved in what you choose and what you make!

Support Local Business

We genuinely need to be #inthistogether. The truth is, until now we may have taken our shops, restaurants and bars for granted – they’ll always be there, won’t they? The truth is, they won’t without out support. If they offer home delivery or takeaway, treat yourself. Their doors might be shut but their virtual ones are open – take a look online, see what your local stores are doing. Follow, like, comment and share on their social media accounts. Assure them you will be there for them as much as they’ve always been there for you. We will miss them when they’re gone if we don’t!

You Time

Juggling working from home, with the dreaded home schooling along with your everyday chores? Step back and cut yourself some slack. Take off that pressure to be the perfect employee/employer, parent, carer, partner, sibling. Simply run a bath, light a candle, get creative, pick up a book, do some yoga, play your favourite playlist – do whatever takes you to you mental ‘happy place’!


The Importance of Breathing

An obvious statement we know, but breathing is essential not only physically but mentally too. It’s not just the act of breathing but the method of breathing that is important. During moments of stress become aware of your breathing rate and practice conscious breathwork exercises to reduce those feelings. Give it a go …

Place your hands on your heart; breathe in for 6 seconds; breathe out for 6 seconds; repeat the cycle for 1 minute, or longer if you wish

Be Crafty

Have you always wanted to be able to speak Spanish, knit a jumper, read a book from cover to cover, complete the 2,000 piece jigsaw you’ve had sitting in your drawer since Christmas 2016? Or perhaps your life has been so busy you’ve not had chance to even think about doing such pastime luxuries! Well, this is it, this is the time. The time to tick off that wish list, and if you don’t have one, create one!! The opportunity is there at your fingertips, jump online for inspiration

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Sane

Remember, you are doing your very best, and if you have made it through the last few lockdowns, you can most definitely make it through another one. Hang in there.

And finally...remember this isn’t going to last forever, summer is just around the corner and we will soon be enjoying long sunny days and BBQs again. Stay safe, be kind and supportive to each other and we will come out of this stronger.

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